Not Just A Mom- Busy Nights

Hey loves. Happy Monday. How was your weekend? We had a long 3 day weekend that was pretty low key. Thankfully everyone is starting to feel better in my house. Mother Nature is confused on what season we are in. Today's high is 80, as well as tomorrow and a few days last week. I am ready for fall and temps in the 60s. It is all because I went through Audrianna's clothes and got rid of most of her shorts that won't fit next spring. With my luck we will have snow the first week in November when we are moving. Finger crosses it doesn't. 

Today it's time for Not Just A Mom. If you don't know what it is, every month, the second Monday, I link up with these incredible ladies (DaraJenJoannaLauren, and Sarah )  and we share different aspects of our life. We are more than just moms. We would love if you blog, to link up and share too. 

Each month we will taking a peak into our lives and sharing different aspects. 

This month we are taking about How We Handle Busy Nights

What mom can't relate with busy nights. From school events, extra curriculars, sports, work, etc life gets busy. We have been fortunate so far that my kids haven't done any activities at the same time. When Ella was younger she did gymnastics, and is still in Girl Scouts. Austin this previous summer did T-Ball. So far all of Ella's school clubs have been before school. I know this won't last long. We still do have busy nights with homework, Brian working, Girl Scout meetings, bedtimes, etc. (Everyone busy is different)

Now how do we handle busy?
  1. I try to plan in advance as much as I can. I hate when things are thrown at me at the last minute. When I know it is going to be busy I plan dinner accordingly, usually a crockpot or sheet pan meal. 
  2. Pick and choose what is important. That may mean skipping showers that night (I will plan for the night before or after) or skipping a long bedtime reading. 
  3. Start bedtime routine earlier. If I know that Brian isn't going to be home to help with bedtime we start bedtime earlier. The kids don't go to bed earlier, just start getting ready earlier, and I start cleaning up the house earlier (dishes, vacuuming, picking up toys)
  4. Have the kids help out. 
What are your tips for busy nights?

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  1. I love the tip of starting the bedtime routine earlier-- that is helpful for several reasons!!

    1. I am always down for an earlier bedtime, I usually fall asleep at the same time as my kids or read a while

  2. Good tips. We have done the skipped shower thing, but then when the next night is busy too it is hard!

    1. luckily with my kids younger showers arent as much as a stress every night. Dry shampoo works wonders on my daughters hair but I know this will change the older they get.

  3. We have definitely adjusted nighttime routines and showers on busy nights too. I like to plan ahead as much as possible as I do think that is key.

  4. I need to start thinking about sheet pan meals on busy nights. We love them and they're usually quick and easy.

  5. I try to start the kids’ bedtime routines earlier too when it’s been a busy night. I kind of just keep us moving and straight to bed. If they sit down to watch tv or play video games, even for a few minutes, it just makes everything later.


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