Not Just A Mom- Morning Routines

Hey loves. I hope you had a great weekend. It has been a crazy weekend. You know when you have so much to do and your just puzzled with where to start. That has been me all weekend. Hopefully things start to slow down for a few weeks before the crazy starts again.

Today it's time for Not Just A Mom. If you don't know what it is, every month, the second Monday, I link up with these incredible ladies (Dara, Jen, Joanna, Lauren, and Sarah )  and we share different aspects of our life. We are more than just moms. We would love if you blog, to like up and share too. 

Each month we will taking a peak into our lives and sharing different aspects. 

This month we are sharing out Morning Routines.

School just started back for us 2 weeks ago for Ella and Austin and last week for Audrianna. I wish we had an amazing morning routine going on. We are still adjusting to figure out what works for us, and Audrianna is having a rough spout with sleeping through the night again. (I dream of sleeping from 10 to 4 uninterupted).

Right now our routine looks as follows:

630- I get up
645- Austin get up (dressed, make bed)
700- Ella gets up (dressed, Make bed, starts brushing hair) 
During this time I am also making lunches
715- Breakfast, vitamins
730- Brush teeth, put on on socks and shoes, gather book bags.
750- Austin and I walk to school
Ella finished getting ready
805 Austin gets to school
825 I am back from taking Austin
830 Ella is picked up by the bus

On Tuesday and Thursday Ella has to be to school at 815 so Brian takes her and they leave at 8. Also on Tuesday and Thursday when Audrianna and I are back from taking Austin to school we head to Audrianna's preschool, she starts at 9. 

Our morning are hectic, rushed, and they don't go as planned. I haven't been taking time for myself to get in the right head space. I thrive to get back to my routine of my mindset morning. Back in February I shared about my Mindset Morning

What does your morning routine look like? If you shared your morning routine link up below. Next month we sharing how we handle busy night. 

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  1. I know life is crazy right now but I envy you your walking time with your kiddo to school. I miss having that space every morning.

    1. Thank you the reminder. I do love that little time I get their undivided attention to talk about the day one on one. Sometimes we just forget those moments are so important.

  2. Well done on instilling the habit of making beds. We are not good at that here.

  3. Oh Adrienne, I feel for you. It is SO hard to have a good morning with a lack of sleep-- and it can throw off the entire day. Spoken from experience! Praying this phase with Audrianna's sleep is over sooner rather than later!

  4. Yes hopefully my mornings go as planned most of the time

  5. That must be so nice to be able to walk to school in the nice weather. But I do remember those rushed mornings with littler kids and how hard it was to establish a routine that worked well without feeling rushed.

    1. I do really enjoy walking to school. Austin complains and wants to take a bus but I keep telling him the fresh air is good for him.


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