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Hey loves. How was your Mother's Day? We hosted brunch for 17. It went well. I will be doing a full Mother's Day recap on Wednesday be sure to check back. 

Today is another Not Just a Mom Link up. If you are new- every month, the second Monday, I link up with these incredible ladies (DaraJenJoannaLauren, and Sarah )  and we share different aspects of our life. We are more than just moms. We would love if you blog, to link up, and share with us. Each month is a new topics:

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This month we are sharing Go To Gift Ideas 

I have a love hate relationship with gift giving. I love giving gifts, but don't always know what to get the person and/or how much to spend. I have broken in down into different categories and some ideas or my go-to for each.

Kids Birthdays (not family)

My kids are all at the ages where they are getting invited to birthday parties. If I don't know the parent or the kid I usually try to ask my child to find out what the other kid likes. My go to is a book (young, middle, preteen) and/or a board game (young, middle, preteen) and/or I will take child invited to the party to go pick someone out for their friend. I don't normally do gift cards or clothes. 

Teacher Gifts 

Now a days I feel like teachers are getting little gift all year round for different things. I hate to admit this year I haven't given our teachers anything. I should plan something for the end for the year. Here are some ideas of what I have done previously. I like to make someone simple, and personalized plus throw in a small coffee gift card too . Note- my kids have never had a male teacher so I haven't had to think about that. . 

Nail polish, nail file and a note written by child. 

Beginning of the year extra school supplies in a cute bucket that I added a decal.

Personalized mini clip board with a gift card. 

Bridal Shower

I always buy off the registry. The way I see it, they know what they need, want, and are most likely to use. 

Baby Shower

Again I go off the registry. I do not buy clothes, I feel like baby's grow way to fast and get so many clothes they never get to wear anyways. The other thing I like to gift is this book

House Warming 

I like to make my own wine gift basket or beer depending on the who bought the house. I will throw in two bottles of wine or a 6 pack of beer, and some glasses/mug. The other thing we do a lot is a personalized sign or something that says Cleveland. 


The best present we ever bought my in laws was a digital photo frame. We send photos to the frame via an app. Brian is one of 7 kids so they are getting pictures of all the grandkids and great grandkids from all over the United States.
We also like to make someone personalized with either Grandma or the kids names or handprints/footprints. 

What are your go-to gifts?

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  1. I agree that digital picture frames make great grandparent gifts!

    1. My in laws still talk about us giving them the best gift

  2. Registry is a good call for bridal showers. For weddings lately I've just been writing a cheque, it's just easier and I know we appreciated straight up cash when we got married.

  3. Digital photo frames are great grandparent gifts! It's always so much easier to shop from someone's registry, isn't it?

  4. I always used to have my kids pick out the gifts for their friends too.

  5. I love the photo frame idea! I teach high school, and I joke that the elementary teachers rack up! haha That's ok--middle and high kids have more teachers.


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