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Hey loves. Happy Monday. How was your weekend? We are in the process of organizing our basement to get some more work done on our house. It is never ending with a new to us house that hasn't been updated in 40 years and holy moly wallpaper. There is always at least one project going on. (really we have a few going on)

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In January we shared- Our Favorite Bloggers
In February we shared a Day in the Life

This month we are sharing our Reading Habits. 

I have not always been a big reader. I had a love/hate relationship with reading growing up. Probably in the past 10 years I have really gotten into reading that I enjoy. I remember having to go on a work trip, alone and on an airplane. I borrowed my best friend's kindle and downloaded some books to read. When I came home I bought myself my own kindle because I loved it so much. 
Fast forward to about 5 years ago three of my best friends and I had our own little book club. We only ever talked about the books in a chat and never met up. It dwindled with mom life getting in the way.
To this day I read everyday, around 6+ books a month. Now how do I read so much with 3 kids and mom life? 

Most of my reading gets done on my kindle while nursing Audrianna or putting her to bed. I also read before I go to bed and don't want much TV.

Every morning I read some of a devotional and/or personal development book. This has helped to put me in a better mindset, I feel more purposeful, and motivated in different aspects of my life. These could be physical book or on my kindle

Bathroom reading- yes this is a thing. I keep a book in the bathroom and read a few pages a day. (sometimes more) I also read this book while giving the kids baths/showers. This is a physical book, which usually takes me longer to read, #momlife

Working out while going for a ride. I have been getting more miles in on our stationary bike. Depending on the ride I grab a book or my kindle and read. 

Recently I have been getting into audio books. I listened to a personal development book last month with a business development group I am in. I started listened to another personal development book this month too. I will listen while driving, getting ready for the day, doing odds and ends around the house etc. I would love to listen to a thriller or suspense book but afraid I would miss out on to many details, and that the voice would bore me. Any suggestions of an audio books to listen to?

Where I get my books. I do purchase some books. Occasionally I will physically go to the library and check out books. I purchase a lot of books or get free ones from I get daily e-mails with deals that they have. The other thing I do is rent e-books and audio books from my local library using the Libby app. 

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  1. I like audio books with multiple narrators. I recommend speeding it up so you don't get bored of the voice. I do find I miss some details on audio at times.

    1. I do speed up the speed, even with my podcasts. I can see how some details could be missed with audio

  2. I buy most if not all of my books too- some are gifts but the majority are purchased for my Kindle- can you believe I have never tried an audio book? I think I have to this year!!

    1. I spend way to much on books. (way to many that I dont read either but its a dollar here or 4 there.) i think you are either going to love or hate audiobooks. I am just getting into them

  3. I love the idea of a devotional or personal growth style book in the morning. What a great way to start the day!

  4. I too find I occasionally miss some details with audiobooks or wish I could flip back to check a quick fact previously mentioned but I'm getting better with letting it go. I really like listening to memoirs on Audiobook as there is less of a plot line to follow. I also find the reader makes a HUGE difference. Some actors use multiple voices for each character and I like those the best or one with multiple narrators. I tend to listen to books on CD in the car so I can't adjust the speed but find I rarely get bored if it's a good book. I really liked Drew Barrymore's Wildflower and Rob Lowe's Stories I Only Tell My Friends.

    1. I keep hearing to listen to memories and that drew Barrymore's is good.

  5. I'm not into audio books at all. I'd much rather read them on my own and for me, reading is a way to get some downtime. Also, I would be so lost without my library.


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