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Hey loves. Happy Monday and Happy Valentine's Day. We are not doing anything to special this year. The kids got little chocolate boxes, we are having heart shaped pizza from Aldi's (last year we ordered from somewhere and it took over 2 hours to get it and we went to pick it up it was crazy) and salad for dinner. For dessert I made nutella/strawberry heart pies. Ella also has basketball tonight so makes for a crazy evening. 

Today is another Not Just a Mom Link up. If you are new- every month, the second Monday, I link up with these incredible ladies (DaraJenJoannaLauren, and Sarah )  and we share different aspects of our life. We are more than just moms. We would love if you blog, to link up, and share too. Each month is a new topics:

In January we shared- Our Favorite Bloggers

This month we are sharing a Day In the Life

I love following along others day in the life posts on blogs, and on Instagram stories. I am horrible of remembering to take pictures throughout the day of what we are doing. Last Tuesday I did pretty well with taking a glance into out day. Let's take a look, warning for picture overload. 

Alarm was set for 645 to wake up. Audrianna still doesn't sleep through the night so we wake up when it is time to get Ella and Austin up for school. 

I went into Ella's room and told her to start waking up. Then headed to my bathroom to start my morning routine. I have been really good at this the last few weeks. I have been taking my contacts out at night, (that is a long story). If I have to go somewhere early (to pick up Ella or to take Anna to school) I put my contacts in. (other times I wait until I am getting ready to workout) 

My morning routine. I wash my face with Tula Cult Cleanser and use a gentle exfoliating brush. Next I apply a face serum. My favorite is the Tarte Maracuja Oil. Recently I received the Fiera Stem Cell C Serum that I have been using. Last is eye cream and moisturizer

Dressed and ready for the day. (pants, shirt

After double checking to make sure Ella got up, (Austin isn't an issue to wake up, he normally gets up as soon as he hears someone else awake) I head into the office to do a quick 5 minute check of my blog. I make sure my blog posted correctly and do any link-ups for the day. 

Brian makes breakfasts most mornings and I get the kids stuff ready for school. On this day Ella was buying lunch and school and Austin was packing. He got leftover mac and cheese in his thermos, strawberries, granola bites from Trader Joes, and Cheetos. For snack he got Pirates Booty

Breakfast is served. Why yes there is a lot of different food some mornings. I had eggs, Ella had a pancake, Audrianna had strawberries and dry cereal. Austin had cereal and a pancake. (he is going through a growth spurt) Brian had cereal and an egg. 

In the mornings before school there is no electronics and no TV, We have learned it helps with the mornings running smoother, and less fights. Brian usually puts music of some sort on Youtube on the TV, This day we were listening to The Land Pavilion loop at Epcot at Disney World. (If I pick music it is on our Alexa)

After breakfast Ella and Austin brush their teeth and hair. Then there is usually a little time left to play. Anna is playing with her babies pretending to be sleeping. 

Anna has also been playing with Sven a lot again. 

 I double check backpacks, pack lunches, snacks, and water bottles. I put a mask on top and they sit by the front door until it is time to go (This will change once our mud room is finished)

Oh before they brush their teeth we do vitamins. On a good morning we have them at the table at the same time as breakfast. The kids take gummy multi-vitamins, and a gummy elderberry (Anna doesn't get elderberry)

Here is what Brian and I take. Allergy medicine (from Costco), D3 (costco), Magnesium, Chewable Vitamin C (costco), Zinc, Womens Multi-vitamin, Elderberry 

Before school fun playing train on new to us dining room chairs. (We are waiting on the table still)

Ready for school. Austin took his snow pants with him to be able to play in the snow at school (he has left the pants at school all week and hasn't been able to play in the snow, and now we got more snow yesterday and he couldn't play in the snow because his pants were at school)

After the kids left for school I noticed Anna had gotten ahold of a pen (who knows when) and wrote on the couch. Dawn dish soap and a microfiber cloth to the rescue. 

Couch is cleaned, now getting myself ready for the day. I wet my hair in the kids bathroom since they have a tub and I just bend my head over and wet it with the shower head. (I make a mess if I do it in my standup shower) 

Simple make-up- eye liner and my darker shadow is by Younique. Light eye shadow is Limelite, and Mascara

Curly Hair day- leave in conditioner, curl cream, curl spray (yes this is a kids spray I also use it on Audrianna)

I also have been using the diffuser with my old hairdryer. 

Ready to leave the house.

While I was getting ready Audrianna was in her room reading her books. I got her dressed then we headed to drop her off at preschool for 2 year old. 

While Audrianna is at preschool I head to a local Panera, grab a coffee from their coffee program (I pay $9 a month) and sit down with my laptop and get some blog work done. I am there for about an hour. 

Home from preschool. She is excited to go in the house and play. 

Audrianna got a balloon from school because she was the snack leader for the day. We took little bags of alphabet cookies.

Lunch time. I had leftover meatball soup and did some more planning for my week with the Make Chic Happen planner

Audrianna had mac and cheese. This was our first time trying the little cups from Aldi, trying to find food Audrianna will eat. She ate half of the container. 

Play time. Anna loves her doctor kit, and make-up kits that have been all mixed together. 

and random magnatiles

And doing my hair. 

Audrianna loves to color with crayons, colored pencils and the Color Wonder markers

While she was coloring I did my Joyful Rising devotional

Audrianna was fighting a nap. I turned on the Bachelor and nursed her for a few minutes. 

Next thing you know she was sleeping. 

I made my pre-workout or what I like to call my mama go go juice. Drank it, got the kids off the bus and did a quick 20 minute bike workout. 

This is the realty of the kids after school. Ella grabs her switch

Austin does his homework, which is usually one page of math and words and we have been adding in letter recognition flash cards. Then he grabs the tablet to play Roblox. 

While they are playing I made dinner. It is always tacos on Tuesday. We switch up the meat and how we make them. Here we had basic ground turkey tacos. 

Brian was working, showing a house so it was just the kids and I. 

After dinner I cleaned up, then got the kids bedrooms ready for bed. They all have humidifiers and diffusers in their rooms that they use every night. 

Now I forgot to take anymore pictures as everything got hectic with just me and the kids. Ella had Girl Scouts this night. I usually sit at the library and do some blog work while she is at Girl Scouts, but I had the other two kids. We went and dropped off Ella at Scouts then headed back home. The rest of the evening was playing. Then I had to get Ella from scouts, thankfully Brian was home because it is after the kids bedtime that her meeting ends. 

Last was home and bedtime. I put Anna to bed and fall asleep reading in her bed most nights. (Yes I know I need to break this habit) 

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  1. Whew -- I forget how busy the day is with toddlers. And I wonder if we would do better taking our vitamins if we took them at breakfast??? We try to take them at supper but I often forget.

    1. Some mornings that are so crazy we forget our vitamins too.

  2. Love how much you squeeze into a day- you got this Mama!

  3. Don't worry about falling asleep with your daughter. I used to do it all of the time but we're out of it now. You're tired! Rest :)

  4. I love day in the life posts! You really make the most of all your time! Thanks for hosting!

    1. I try to make the most of my time. i like to put a lot on my plate

  5. I loved your day in the life! You are one busy woman Adrienne-- I am impressed by how much you are able to cram into a day.

  6. I used to fall asleep reading to my boys too! It's hard when their beds are so comfortable and you're exhausted at the end of the day. Sounds like a busy day; I always forget to take photos by dinnertime when I'm doing a day in the life post.

    1. after the kids get home from school the witching hours begin i dont even touch my phone most of the time. I completely understand


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