37 Thing about Me!!!

 Hey loves. I am turning another year older. Last year I did a 36 oh my post with 36 facts about me. and 35 facts about me. This year I am doing the same. I have been compiling a list of random things about me. 

I have to say most days I don't feel 37, when I look back and think I graduated 19 years ago it is so hard to believe. I still think I am 25. But boy did the pandemic and kids age me. 

1- Favorite dessert is anything chocolate. 

2- The only sport I ever played was T-ball and I hated it. 

3- I have owned 3 rabbits in my life. BunBun Precious Patenaude Pike was the first one that my best friend and the time helped me with. (That rabbit lived 10 years) Oreo (which was not black and white) and the third one I can't remember his name. 

4- I get shivers from weird noises like nails on a chalk board, and opening a beer bottle. 

5- I use to drink at least 3 cans of Monster Energy drink a day, now I can't even stand the smell of it. 

6- I use the seat warmer in my car pretty much every day, even when it is hot outside. I guess that is a sign I am getting older.

7- Since becoming a mom I have lost my thrill seeking ways. No more drag racing or being wild.

8- In 4th grade I won a 20 pound Hersey candy bar. 

9- Dolls with eyes that open and close freak me out. 

10- I grew up going camping. It was the only way we saw my Grandfather as his new wife didn't like my mom (or any of his other kids). We started in a tent then a pop up followed by a motor home. 

11- I would love to go camping with my kids, but not in a tent my back can't take that anymore. 

12- My favorite movies are 90s, early 2000s rom coms. Think How to Lose a Guy in 10 days, Sweet Home Alabama... 

13- I love to travel, but hate driving long distances with kids. 

14- One of my bucket list goals is to visit all 50 states.

15- I am antsy to go on a cruise again. I have been on two to the Caribbean before Ella was born.

16- My parents still live in the house I grew up in. 

17- Since I moved out I have lived in 4 houses.

18- I have never lived in an apartment.

19- I love the outdoors but hate bugs

20- I love to listen to my kids laugh

21- I prefer a sunrise over a sunset

22- Having fresh flowers on the table or counter makes my house feel like a home.

23- I never thought I would be a sports mom, but have enjoyed watching my kids try new things. Ella- soccer and basketball. Austin- football, basketball, and t ball

24- I prefer having the windows open and fans going unless it is above 80 then the ac will be on.

25- I refuse to drive on the highway with the windows open, it bothers my hears.

26- You will find me all year barefoot. I am more comfortable without shoes.

27- I also workout barefoot.

28- I have never gotten a speeding ticket.

29- The only ticket I have ever gotten was failure to yield when I got in a car accident.

30- My nickname growing up was Adge, pronounced Age. Very few people still call me it.

31- My other nickname was midget. I have always been the shortest in my friends group, minus my sister who is 1/2 inch shorter than me. 

32- I hate anything with a bone. Give my boneless wings. or ribs the meat has to fall off the bone.

33- I can not parallel park. I could figure it out if I had to but choose not to. 

34- My favorite coffee is a Kona blend. 

35- My go to beers have an abv of over 8%.

36- My favorite wine is a Riesling 

37- I always have to think about how old I am. Sometimes I think I am older or younger. 

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