Happy Birthday to Me!!! 35 Random Facts

Happy Birthday to me. I can't believe I am 35. It was the end of the world when I turned 25, but I am embracing 35 as the best year ever, even with our bad luck streak.

I love reading random facts about others. I always seem to struggle to come up with new random facts but it is fun trying to do it. I previously did random facts for my 33rd birthday. Here are 35 random facts about me.

1- I prefer to be barefoot and love running around barefoot outside and feeling grass between my toes. It does't bother me to have someone barefoot in my house.

2- Take your shoes off in my house. I hate people having shoes on even if my feet are "dirty" from being outside they still aren't carrying rocks, and clumps of dirt/poop on them.

3- My kids love their sandbox but I hate having sand in my house that comes along with it. (We are actually getting rid of their sand box.)

4- My dream house is to live on the beach but then there would be sand in my house too. Its a no win.

5- When I am pregnant I can't wear any of my jewelry. 

6- In my previous marriage we owned a race car for asphalt circle track. We spent every Saturday night over the summer at the race track (and then some)

7- I have a love/hate relationship with fireworks. I love watching them but hate the noise. I am more comfortable when I can see them being set off and know when the BOOM is coming, or when we are far enough away that I know we won't get hurt.

8- Growing up we had Cedar Point, Geauga Lake, and Sea World within an hours drive. Cedar Point is the only park still around.

9- My first roller coaster was Double Loop.

10- I'm sure you know I am a huge Disney fan. I am not a big Toy Story fan though. It has grown on me some as I get older but not one of my favorites.

11- I enjoy a good glass of wine, semi sweet, but refuse to pay the price at a restaurant for the little 4 oz you get. 

12- I have always wanted to go wine tasting but never have gone. 

13- I was never into sports growing up. I played T-ball one year and hated it. Then I ended up being bat girl for my sisters baseball team for a few years.

14- I however was a Girl Scout from 1st grade until my senior year. I earned the Gold Award which was the highest award you could at that time. 

15- I use to play the trumpet.

16- I had braces put on in eight grade and it hurt to much to play the trumpet. In band I got switched over to bells, drums, and percussion.

17- I loved singing and was in show choir my freshman year, until I had an accident at school and left in December.

18- I had my back broken at 14: was in bed rest, wore a back brace the whole works, and still deal with problems.

19- I use to want to be a professional singer and songwriter. 

20-  Summer has always been my favorite season.

21- Fall is a very close second.

22- I am "basic" and love all things pumpkin spice.

23- I had a quarter life crisis when I turned 25 and got my nose pierced. It only lasted about 6 months than I got pregnant with Ella.

24- My first concert was Linkin Park.

25- My favorite concert with Carrie Underwood.

26- Favorite vacation not Disney World was going to North Carolina every summer right on the beach.

27- Least favorite subject in school was math

28- I put Everything But The Bagel seasoning on everything from veggies, to meat, to eggs.

29- First thing I do when I get out of bed (if Brian is already up) is make my bed. I feel like I have at least accomplished something.

30- I have to eat breakfast or I get light headed. Currently with nursing I eat all day it feels like. I have always had to nibble on something in the morning, no intermittant fasting for me.

31- I love Disney coffee mugs, but always seem to use the same two mugs, which is one of my kids and Snow White.

32- I would love to have chickens one day. And another rabbit. 

33- On my father's 40 birthday,  I was 10, I jumped 3 fences to catch a black and white dutch rabbit that was running lose. I kept him as a pet (after posting found posters) and he lives for 10 years. 

34- I am always mentally planning vacations that I will never go on. But I would love to do a cross country road trip but have no idea where to start with planning that one. 

35- Chocolate is the way to my heart. and Coffee. and Donuts. and Tacos. and Wine.

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