Friday Favorites

 Hey loves. Happy Friday. It has been the calm week before the storm, but cold. Next week starts all the kids Halloween activities at school, plus trunk or treating, Ella has a Halloween dance, and more. I am so ready for it, volunteering for what I can, and love that our new school and city offers so many different fun things for the kids. 

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

Austin did so good at this game last weekend. He almost made a goal twice, their goals are really small and there isn't a goalie. I wish I was there to see it but I was home with a sick Anna. Tomorrow is his last game of the season. I don't see him playing again unfortunately. 

~ TWO ~

Belated Sweetest Day dinner. We don't really do anything for Sweetest Day anymore. If you not from the Ohio area you probably don't know what it is. It is an American Greetings Holiday in October. I feel like this holiday has died down in publicity too. Brian did make me a delicious steak dinner on Sunday. On Sweetest Day he was at the Cleveland Guardians game with his friend. 


I did the cutest Halloween craft with Anna. She did it all by herself and didn't make a mess. (don't worry I was standing nearby)

Didn't these bats turn out so cute. Here are the directions

~ FOUR ~

Why yes I had to go to McDonalds and get a kids meal bucket. New Halloween decorations. Now I need the orange and green ones. 

~ FIVE ~

Oh what will this little girl be for Halloween. One minute she says she wants to be a witch, the next minute she wants to be Cinderella. I am not buying her a costume. We have play costumes she can wear and plenty of witches hats. Maybe she will be both or something different. We have a few Halloween fun planned next week. 

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  1. I did that same bat/painting project with my boys one year. I loved that it was fairly simple with little prep work involved. Sounds like a fun but busy week coming up!

  2. I had never heard of Sweetest Day before. But it sounds really lovely. How nice of your husband to cook such a delicious meal! Hope you have a great weekend.


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