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Hey loves. Happy Monday. How was your weekend? It is feeling like fall, with some rain and chilly temps. We did manage to have a fire inside so the kids could eat some smores, Austin's request all week. I am ready for a much more relaxed week ahead. My kids have a short week, they have school today where a lot of other schools are off for Columbus Day but we have off on Friday for some reason. 

Today is another Not Just a Mom Link up. If you are new- every month, the second Monday, I link up with these incredible ladies (DaraJenJoannaLauren, and Sarah )  and we share different aspects of our life. We are more than just moms. We would love if you blog, to link up, and share with us. Each month is a new topics:

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This month we are sharing How We Host.

At our old house we didn't host very often unless it was nice out or was a smaller party. Brian and I both have bigger families and we just didn't have the space inside. When we were on the market for a new house, it was a must to have space for hosting the holidays, birthday parties, girls night, etc. Our new house has more of an open concept with the ability to be in multiply rooms and still see each other. Also the room that is currently our play room connects to the living room so we can put an extended table in for everyone to sit. Right now we are just using folding tables but it works until we find a dining room table we like. 

Here is a just one table, we can do two with more people. 

Before we host:

  • I always clean and declutter. Even if my friends/family don't care, I care. Not only does this make me clean up, because don't we all get lazy at times, but it also can be a safety issue when we host family that is older and having toys and stuff just laying around they could trip over.
  • Clean the bathroom- I always heard to check a restaurants bathroom before eating there, it just stuck with me for at home too. 
  • Stock the bathroom- this means toilet paper, tissues, and change the hand towel or grab a roll of paper towels. (since the pandemic it has been a norm for us to have paper towels in the bathroom instead of a cloth towel)
  • Turn on ice maker. Our ice maker overflows if left on so I turn it on and off when we need ice. 
  • If guests are bringing food- clean and organize fridge, that way they have someplace to put food.
  • Organize coat closet and add hangers if needed for guests to hang their coats. 
Events we host or plan to host:
  • kids birthday parties
  • baby showers (we had Austin's at our old house)
  • Friendsgiving
  • Hocus Pocus 2 watch party
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas 
  • New Years Eve
  • Superbowl
  • Girls Night
  • Game Night
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  1. I think we need to invest in an ice machine- I love hosting and that sounds like such a great investment!

    1. our ice machine is in the freezer, but i would love a nugget machine but I hear good and bad things about them.

  2. You're very organized. An ice machine is a great tool for a host. #MMBC

    1. having ice made and ready has helped with having to run to the store at the last minute to buy ice

  3. I like to put away our legos and other toys with small pieces when we have guests, less to clean up!
    Sarah M. (not anonymous, I can't log in!)

  4. Hosting a party is a great motivator for cleaning and decluttering. I thought about buying an ice machine but we usually end up buying bags of ice from the petrol station.

  5. Our ice machine never gets a chance to overflow.. in fact I buy a bag of ice each month to supplement what our machine makes as it just can not keep up with the demand of us alone. Luckily we rarely need ice for drinks at a party (we buy single serving drinks and stick them in a cooler with a bag of ice). I do find having company of any sort motivates me to clean and organize too but I have relaxed that a lot as the kids have gotten older and the house isn't nearly as messy or cluttered.

    1. i look foreward to the days when their are not toys everywhere in my house

  6. I love that you host a Super Bowl party. We always like to go to Super Bowl parties, but have never hosted one of our own. They're always so fun-- great food, fun sporting event, and the commercials are great too. Lauren, not Anonymous!

  7. The bathroom tip is a good one. My guest bathroom is the one Simon uses and he never flushes! lol.

    1. Austin barely ever flushes the toilet too. Glad it isn't just my son.

  8. Turn on the ice maker...that's a good one! I agree about cleaning out the fridge too.


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