Monthly Musing November

 Hey loves. Its been a busy week and things are not going as planned, which is totally the story of my life. I am taking a few minutes today to link up with with Patty and Holly for Monthly Musing.

1- Favorite Holiday Traditions?

On Thanksgiving we always get a newspaper and go through the ads while watching the Macy Thanksgiving Parade. We use to decorate on Thanksgiving (if we had Ella) but now we are going to have a relaxing and just cooking. 

Driving around looking at Christmas lights, decorating cookies and gingerbread houses, decorating the house, visiting Santa, writing letters to Santa, and Christmas movies. 

I love Elf on the Shelf and the kids waking up every morning and looking to see what adventures he has gotten into. 

2- What Holidays Do You Celebrate?

We celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

3- How Early Do You Shop?

I started some shopping back in September. When I found stuff I bought it and hid it for Ella's birthday then ended up saving some for Christmas. 

4- When Do You Decorate?

After Thanksgiving this year. I would love to decorate earlier but Brian has other opinions. 

5- Do You Host Any Holiday Festivities?

This will be our first year hosting Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas. We usually host Friendsgiving too but this year we had to cancel with to many commitments. 

6- Favorite Holiday Meals or Recipes to Share?

Instead of green bean casserole my family has always done Broccoli Casserole. We only ever have it on Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

7- Best Holiday Organization Tips?

My goal for organizing Christmas this year will be to store each room in different plastic totes. We will have three large trees, but the kids rooms little trees. I think doing it by room will be easier to unpack and possibly do little by little. 

8- Gift Wrapping? Love it or Hate It?

Hate it. I suck at wrapping, get frustrated and it all gets thrown away anyways. I also usually wait until the last minute. Brian is awesome and patient at wrapping and normally does 90% of the wrapping. 

9- Holiday Coffee Drink? Yes Please or Hard No?

Yes all the way. I could drink peppermint mocha all year long. I tried Starbucks Chestnut Praline and it was so good. Also TODAY is Starbucks Red Cup Day!!!!!

10- Are you a Holiday Baker? Recipes to Share?

I love baking, not that I need all the sweets and I have a horrible sweet tooth. My favorite are these chocolate chip cookies

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  1. Oh I really like that idea of making each room it's own tote... we pull them all out so I can go through them all and end up tackling all the decorating in one day and it's exhausting (but I HATE having those totes hanging around for more than a day!). I'm going to have to suggest we give that a try this year.

  2. Ok I clicked on your cookie recipe and those sound amazing! Good luck with all of your hosting and make sure you take some time to sit back and enjoy everyone around you :)

  3. Ok. I love the idea of storing the decorations by room. Brilliant. Thanks for joining us this month and hope this week is Better for you.


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