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 Hey loves. It's Friday. We made it through another rough week. But we are still pushing, trying to stay positive, and have a busy weekend ahead. I hate that my blog has been more negative with sad news that has been going on the past few weeks, unfortunately that has been our reality. This is not the 2023 we were hoping for. A dear friend asked how I was coping and keeping my head high and positive with everything going on? I am doing it for my kids, Brian, and our loved ones who have passed. Life doesn't stop just because someone has passed away. They would not want us to just stop living, not curl up and cry 24/7. They would want us to continue living for them remembering and sharing positive memories. With that it's time for some Friday Favorites to share the happy moments, what is bringing me happiness this past week. As always linking up with Erika, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

We got out of the house and went to the Cleveland Boat show. We were just looking for something to do and have no desire in owning a boat. The kids had a lot of fun checking out so many different boats. If you have never been to a boat show make sure you wear easy slip on shoes as we had to take off our shoes for every boat we got on. (we did not know this and didn't plan accordingly.) 

Who doesn't love to pretend you are driving a boat. This boat was our favorite and was nice that it had a booster to sit higher to be able to see. 

Let's not forget if there is a horn to be honked my kids will find it and try to honk it. It worked on some of the boats. 

~ TWO ~

I have gotten into the habit of having soup and salad for lunch the past week and I am not complaining. I made a veggie soup that was suppose to be for dinner numerous times that just didn't happen so I have been having it for lunch. I used my souper silicone cubes to freeze in individual servings. Each evening while I am making my kids lunch I grab one serving and place it in the fridge for the next day. Salad I have been keeping it simple with mixed greens, a little cheese, and Olive Garden signature Italian dressing. 


All day Sunday, and every morning before school Anna and Austin have been playing nicely together for the most part. Sometimes it is just in the same room other times actually together. Ella has joined in on days she is home too. I love that they have each other to keep themselves entertained and make memories with. 

~ FOUR ~

Over the past two weeks I have started organizing and purging different spots in the house. I have been reading A Simplified Life that has been on my bookshelf forever. I have made a master list of all the area's in my house that I want to/need cleaned, organized, and decluttered. The book states to not purchase any organizing items until completely finished as you may find something you already have on hand, well I broke that rule already. I got these cereal containers and I am loving them. My disclaimer- we buy cereal in bulk at Costco, one box comes with two bags. Then in my pantry will be just a bag that looks cluttered. Also when Austin tried to get his own cereal he ends up making a mess. Now it is not an eye sore and Austin can get his own cereal without the mess. 

~ FIVE ~

Oh just looking out the back window with binoculars that are upside down and backwards. She was looking for deer but didn't find any. 

~ SIX ~

All week Anna has been huggy, cuddly, clingy, play with me during the day when we are home and she isn't at school. I will take it. We have played a lot of games, read lots of books, and watched tv. She even napped. 


Austin wanted to show me his new Star Wars game her got on the Xbox. Ella and Anna followed us downstairs and they decided to workout, well Anna more looked liked she surfing. Ella was showing Anna how to do sit-ups, lunges, and push-ups. 


My girlfriend talked me into taking Anna to open gym at one of the local gymnastic studios. I was hesitant because I had taken Ella years ago to a different open gym and wasn't a fan or the layout and structure. We both ended up having a blast. 

The kids had free range to run around and do whatever they wanted and get out some energy. 

They had one section that was your gymnastic equipment set up for preschool heights, a trampoline, mats all over the place, and an obstacle course. 

Anna's favorite part was the foam pit. They had a slide to go down into the pit or you could jump in. Anna said she wanted to take a nap there. 

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