Declutter Your Home

 You would think that when we moved only a year ago I would have purged and decluttered before we moved in. That only happened a little. Now that we have a bigger house I feel like we have collected a lot more stuff that we don't use. Are you in the same boat? Items sitting around collecting dust, overflowing book shelves, clothes that don't fit, toys that aren't played with, etc. Especially after the holidays and more stuff is brought into the house. 

One of my goals for 2023 is to purge/clean/organized every room in our house. Now I say that at the same time was our basement is in the process of being remodeled. I would love to have that finished and organized and purged this year but I think that is a far fetched goal so I am not including that. We have a few different projects going on at the same time and dreams of other projects as well. 

I am over the mess, the clutter, the overwhelm and ready to concur it all. Let's be real though it isn't going to happen over night. It isn't going to happen in one month. It is going to take me a while and I am ok with that. I am sharing ____ tips to help with the decluttering process and my master list. (your master list will be different as every house is different but it can give you ideas)

Decluttering Tips

  • Do one space at a time
  • Get trash bags for items you're throwing away
  • Use boxes or bags for items you donating
  • Put items you're going to donate straight in the trunk to take to donation center
  • Join a Buy Nothing group on Facebook to donate to local individuals
  • Have piles/bags for trash, donate, putaway, and keep
  • Don't buy anything to organize until you are done declutting, you never know what you may find that will work 

Master List

Master Bedroom
  • closet- clothes
  • top of closet
  • floor of closet
  • dresser
  • night stand
  • bathroom
Ella's Room
  • closet- clothes
  • top of closet
  • floor of closet
  • dresser
  • bookshelf
  • desk
  • under bed
  • floor
Austin's Room
  • clothes
  • bookshelf
  • closet top
  • closet bottom
  • under bed
  • cars/toys
Anna's Room
  • clothes
  • top of closet
  • bottom of closet
  • bookshelf
  • toy box
Other Upstairs
  • Linen closet
  • wash walls
  • wash baseboards
  • Wallpaper on stairs
Main Bathroom
  • cabinet
  • drawers
  • Pantry
  • Fridge
  • Freezer
  • Cupboards
  • Drawers
  • Desk
Living Room
  • kids toys
Toy Room/Formal Dining Room
  • toys
  • buffet
  • liquor cabinet
  • Large bookshelf
  • small bookshelf
  • Cricut pile
  • corner cabinet
  • shelf
  • spare bathroom
  • Utility closet
  • coat closet

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