Dinner Menu Monday on a Tuesday

 Hey loves. Anyone else not know what day it is? From my kids all having off school yesterday for MLK day to having so much family love and support to having two very close people passing away, I can't tell you what day it is. I finally have started cleaning out the fridge, pantry, and upstairs freezer and making lists and got an instacart order put in. (I still need to do the basement deep freezer.) Here is dinner menu Monday on a Tuesday

Monday - Creamy Chicken Primavera pasta

Tuesday - Mango Shrimp Tacos

Wednesday - Teriyaki Salmon and caulirice with broccoli

Thursday - Leftovers

Friday - Local Take Out

Saturday -  Opps need to figure that out

Sunday - Dinner at mother in laws.

What is on your dinner menu this week?

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