Friday Favorites

 Hey loves. Happy last Friday in February. It is hard to believe this month is almost over. It is a short month and it flew by. I have been fighting something sinus related the past week. I am ready for a relaxing weekend and Austin's last basketball game. 

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

I pulled out one of Anna's Christmas presents for her to play with. I loved watching her little brain think and figure things out. This stem toy has a lot of little pieces so it is a toy that isn't out all the time and only comes out on special ocassions. 

~ TWO ~

Tiktok made me buy it. Eye liner wing stamps I didn't know I needed until I saw someone else using them. They work great and last. 


Austin requested banana bread again. I finally got my sour dough starter active again after having to restart one because Brian cooked my last starter. Anna helped me make the banana bread. Lets just say there was a lot of mess but she also cleaned it up and wiped down the floor with a baby wipe. 

~ FOUR ~

Did you celebrate Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras? Brian surprised us with packi's and I made creamy jambalaya pasta for dinner that the kids loved. 

~ FIVE ~

Ella asked for me to set up a profile for her on my MYX bike. There was no pushing from me, I actually stalled for a few weeks of not setting it up and her nagging me that I finally did it. She sees me working out and being active and she wants to do it too. 

~ SIX ~

Morning cuddles. If mom and dad are busy Austin is Anna's next choice for cuddles. 

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