Our Week the one with Valentine's Day

   Hey loves. We seem to finally getting back into a healthy, productive routine. I am excited today we are having temps in the 60s too, but yesterday was in the 30s and rainy and crappy. Lets look back at last week. 

Monday February 13

Another early morning workout done. I know if I get up early I will get my workout done. If I count on Anna letting me get a workout done during the day it doesn't normally happen.

Anna had a chocolate cream filled donut for breakfast. I sent this picture to my girlfriend and she thought she got hurt. Nope just chocolate. Anna also ended up having a cheese stick and bagel with cream cheese for breakfast too. She is doing better with eating more, at least in the morning. 

My to do list that I hoped to get done most of which while Anna was at school. I did most of it, but instead of working in my office where I normally do I sat on the couch and watched tv and worked and didn't get as much done. I did however enjoy watching a Christmas movie, yes I still have a bunch on my dvr that need to be watched before they are deleted. 

After school Anna requested fries so we decided to stop at Burger King. The line of cars was wrapped around the building and they are so slow. They will only take one or two orders than wait until they are paid and received their food before they will take another order. So we went inside and it went quicker but we still ended up waiting for someone to take our order. Anna was excited to get a crown and ate her lunch so it was worth it. 

It was a crazy day with one minute Ella not having her cooking class. I got an email after 9am, after she was already in school to say that the cooking class was back on again. I texted her to tell her to stay after school if she got the message before she got on the bus. She ended up getting the message. 
I picked her up at 530 and Brian and Austin headed to basketball. When we got home it was still daylight out and Anna wanted to go jump on the trampoline. They didn't last to long because it was chilly. Then it was dinner time, time to wind down and bedtime. 

Tuesday February 14

Happy Valentine's Day. It has been a day. I started off on the wrong foot with sleeping in. It was my choice, I turned off my alarm at 430, no one to blame but myself.  That means I didn't get my workout or anything done before the craziness of the day. I had planned for it later and it didn't go as planned. 

Ella woke up in a good mood and excited for Valentine's Day (who knows why) She asked me to do something cute with her hair and she found the red spray she wanted in too. I found a quick tutorial for a heart on Pinterest and did it for her. She loved it. (now why can't she always like me doing her hair again?)

On our walk to school we were surprised by 3 deer. They were grazing in a neighbors front yard. Before we got to them they walked across the street. By the time I walked back they were back on my side again and there were 4 of them. 
When I got home I saw 4 bucks in the woods next to our house too. Most of the day they were near by. With the male deer outside I avoid feeding them. 

Brian made me a special breakfast with bacon and an egg hash brown casserole. He got me flowers the day before and a card.
This year I didn't go crazy with buying the kids anything. They each just got a little heart that has a few pieces of candy in them. (as of the 22nd as I am typing this they barely have touched their chocolate, but it is the thought that counts)

Anna was a terror. As you can see she got mad and flipped a table. I don't know what she was mad about or how she managed to flip the coffee table as everyone else was in another room. I share this as if you are also dealing with temper tantrums your not alone. This was Anna's first time flipping a table, at times she does knock of chairs. 

I didn't get anything done because she just wanted to cuddle and hug and touch me. She ended up falling asleep but her nap lasted 10 minutes when I had to get up to go pee. Anna did wake up in a better mood though.

Austin requested double chocolate muffins. Anna helped me make some protein double chocolate mini muffins. They turned out really good. 

When the kids were all home we had to take Ella to drama club. When we got home Brian was home working on something in the garage and Anna decided she didn't want to go inside so she enjoyed driving her car in her slippers in the gorgeous weather for a little bit. 

Mom look I am in a box.

The rest of the evening was a lot calmer than the day. We had tacos for dinner and relaxed. 

Wednesday February 15

Up bright and early drinking my pre-workout, reading my devotionals, a little personal development and my workout done before anyone woke up. 
6am start waking Ella up, make lunches for both kids before I forgot to do it the night before, make Ella breakfast, and get ready for the walk to the bus stop. 

It was not even 7am and it was 57 degrees outside. It was a nice walk to the bus stop without having to bundle up. As you can see the high for the day was 64 and snow was in the forecast for the next day. (and we wonder why we are all sick)

The older two are off to school, time for Anna and myself to get ready to take Anna to preschool. While I was washing my face, Anna decided to play with my workout bra pads (yes they were clean) See no evil, hear no evil. 

While Anna was at school I did a quick clean up around the house and got a few things done I needed to do. 

After school Anna's two friends, who are also the girls I use to watch and their mom came over for a playdate. The three girls played together so well. 

It was a gorgeous day that we even got outside and did some chalking, running around, and riding bikes. 

We saw the deer in the neighborhood and Anna asked if we could feed them. We hadn't fed them in a while so we both took a bucket to the back and put food in their feeder. (We didn't see them eat it) 

One of the reasons we love the location of our house is not only the wood next door that will never be developed, but also the playground within walking distance too. 

After Austin got home from school I took Anna and Austin to the playground. (Ella was at her baking class then it was her father's night). Anna stayed for about 45 minutes while Austin was there a little over an hour. Since the weather was so gorgeous most of the neighborhood kids were there also. (I left Austin with a friend's mom and she sent him home at a certain time).

The rest of the night I made dinner, cuddled, read bedtime stories and cleaned up the house. 

Thursday February 16

I got to sleep in some because Ella wasn't going to school. I am on a roll with these morning workouts when I get up before everyone else. 

Breakfast number 2 for this little girl. Breakfast one was cereal. Then after we are sitting at the table eating our breakfast Anna decides that she wants a cheesy egg. Ella was already finished with her breakfast and nicely made Anna an egg. 

Ella didn't go to school because she had an early morning appointment close to downtown Cleveland. You can see the outline of the city through the fog. We dropped Anna off at Grandma's to watch her and for Anna to play with her cousin Lauren. 

Ella's appointment was with a pediatric ENT. Based on testing results Ella's hearing loss is nerve related and not trauma (which we didn't think it was). This doctor is requesting a MRI of her brain and ears, genetic testing (if insurance will approve), speech evaluation, and a hearing aid consultation. 

Doesn't she look thrilled to be going back to school. She is happy to not have to watch Paw Patrol in the car which is what Anna and Austin request, she is watching Grease, while I listen to an audiobook. 

Home with my crabby butt. She was good at Grandma's and didn't want to leave. We got home and she threw a temper tantrum that she wanted to go shopping. This lasted a good hour. When she finally settled down had a photo shoot. 

Friday February 17

Another early morning workout and me time. I am really enjoying this time and feeling great.

Brian had to leave for work early so I walked Austin to the bus stop too. 

After dropping Anna off at preschool I put in an Instacart and Target pick up order. I was not in the mood to go grocery shopping. This also helps with my impulse buying. I am still catching up on Christmas movies on the Frndly app dvr, little by little they are being deleted. I got some blog work done while watching a movie. 

There were also lots of cuddles.

I picked Austin up from school as he was complaining of an ear ache for the second day in a row. The nurse called and said we needed to get him checked out. When Brian got home he took Austin to Urgent Care and got him some antibiotics.

Saturday February 18

I woke up feeling like crap. Horrible sinus pressure and feeling blah. The girls and I stayed home while Brian and Austin went to basketball. 

When they got home Anna requested that Brian play with her. They played kitchen and blocks and then Anna told him to take a nap. She brought him a pillow and blanket, went back and got herself her own blanket and laid down with him. No they didn't nap. 

I surprised Anna with bringing out this toy that she got for Christmas. She loved playing with it. There are a lot of pieces that are small and easily get lost (or thrown all around the house) so this is a special toy that is only used under supervision and gets put up. It also makes it special that she can't play with it whenever she wants. 

I made cheeseburger potato soup and threw it in the crock pot. I accidently ordered 2 lbs of ground turkey instead of 1 lb. I separated it, pushed it flat and stuck it in the freezer. This making thawing meat so much quicker and takes up less space in the freezer. 

Don't we all just use the potty in the living room while watching Paw Patrol. 

The rest of the day I barely did anything but rest and read. 

Sunday February 19

Anna woke up at 6am (why can't she sleep in on the weekends, she sleeps later during the week). I got up with her, she had some breakfast and we cuddled. (I look horrible in this picture) 

I woke up feeling better after resting the day before. I decided to get a workout done while the rest of the house was slowing getting up. Anna joined me downstairs playing and working out some. 

It felt great to get my blood flowing and body moving. 

Sunday's we have pancakes or waffles. Anna requested chocolate chip pancakes. 

    It was another half way decent day. The kids spent a good 5 hours outside playing, chalking, climbing the tree, on the trampoline etc.

The afternoon we had the family over to celebrate Brian's moms and aunts birthdays. It was nice to have everyone together again for a positive reason. It was also nice to have everyone at one table and not squished. We set up two folding tables. 

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