Friday Favorites

 Hey loves. It is finally Friday. This has seemed like the longest week ever since being off for Spring Break last week and everyone getting sick. We made it to the weekend!!! Everyone is feeling better. We have no big plans this weekend, but we will see what fun we can get into.

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

Anna wants to be like the big kids and have sleepovers. The only house that has agreed to this is my parents. She had a sleepover at my parents last weekend with Austin. They slept in the same bed and were so good. The only time she hasn't been good for a sleepover is when we tried to have her sleepover with my parents while the older two were at my mother in laws. Anna wanted to be with the big kids. 

~ TWO ~

Sourdough cinnamon rolls with heavy cream and homemade cream cheese frosting is heaven on a plate for breakfast. It is so delicious and I want to eat it every weekend if not everyday. But not good for my waste line. 


Last weekend the weather was gorgeous and we spent as much time as possible outside. That even meant eating lunch outside on the front porch. 

~ FOUR ~

The kids have been asking to wash my car. The weather was finally warm enough. Then we didn't have a nozzle for the house. I ended up buying on and the kids were so excited. Austin said it is $100 a car wash. They did a pretty good job, I did help with everything they couldn't reach. 

~ FIVE ~

I got a not so fun sunburn over Spring Break when we went to the zoo. I came home to find out we didn't have any aloe vera. I Had this after sun lotion saved in my Amazon cart to order for vacation and ordered it for delivery the next day. This stuff works wonders. It isn't sticky or stinky. My burn never got itchy or peeled. And helped take the sting away without freezing you. 

~ SIX ~

Not necessarily a favorite but Ella had a follow up hearing test, her last one was 3 months ago. They were checking to make sure it wasn't getting any worse. Great news is it stayed the same. We go back in 6 months now, unless we or her notice a difference. 

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  1. Those cinnamon! I love the picture of the kids sleeping...sleepovers are the best. Have a great weekend.

  2. Hope everyone is feeling better.


  3. I am glad everyone is feeling better now.
    I'm glad the sleepover went well and it is so nice to eat outside when the weather is nice.


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