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 Hey loves. I am sharing more from our last few days from our  road trip vacation to Disney and home in 2023. If you missed it I shared our Road Trip Adventure ,  Hotel Tour and Disney SpringsHollywood StudiosMagic Kingdom, Character Breakfast and the Gulf Coast, and Epcot. Today is about our last few days of our trip with 

Our last full day in Florida was suppose to be a relaxing day at the hotel and a few hours at Disney Springs to buy the last of our souvenirs. Brian had agreed to what we thought was a tour of a new Hilton hotel, as we were staying in a timeshare that is now owned by Hilton. When we got there, turns out it was a vacation club presentation. We were there for a few hours and the kids were bored out of their minds. We did get a one week vacation to use at least even though we did not purchase the vacation club. (It doesn't make sense for us when Brian already gets a week from work) 

On the way back to the hotel we stopped at one random souvenir store that advertised Disney merchandise. I bought a coffee cup there, Ella got a dress, and we grabbed a few other random things. 

Back at the hotel we had lunch and went swimming for a little bit.

Then it was to Disney Springs to grab a bite to eat and some shopping. First stop was the Lego store. We had tried to get into the Lego store when we had visited the Saturday before and the line was crazy long. On this Thursday afternoon there was no line. 

We grabbed a quick dinner while Anna and Austin fell asleep again in the stroller. 

The kids spent their money on their own souvenirs. 

Then somehow Anna talked me into taking her on the carousel before we left. 

Back to the hotel to finish packing everything up and for one final swim. This girl is just living her best life. 

We were checked out of the hotel, returned the stroller to the front desk to be picked up and hit the road. 

It was a long day of driving with a lot of traffic ( I hate Atlanta), and crappy fast food. The kids enjoyed this rest stop photo opp. 

On the way to our hotel, which was a Fairfield Inn and Suites that we booked while driving, we ended on some dirt road that was one lane and spooky. Brian has the habit of taking us down these random roads that you feel like your in a horror movie, and it is the iphone GPS that we are using. We got to the hotel after 8pm, and just relaxed and called it an early night.

With Anna being so small we get away with getting a room that has two beds. (don't come at me for occupancy I use to manage a hotel) The girls get a bed and the boys get a bed. Sometimes this works out great other times the little monster takes up the whole bed. 

Instead of driving straight home we decided to make some stops along the way. My choice was Chattanooga. I had come up with some idea of places to check out. First up was walking around and going across the Walnut Street Walking Bridge. 

I am going to be completely honest and trigger warning for missing child. Brian and I enjoyed the walk, both sides of the bridge had different feels. Ella who is 11 was not in the mood. She was not listening, said we told her we were going to be home that day and never informed her about making stops (which was not true but she had made plans with a friend that we were unaware of either) and was straight pre teen attitude. When we got to the opposite side of the bridge there was a little landing area with a path that goes down (which I didn't know about at first) . We were standing there looking at a map on our phones talking about where we were going next. Anna and Austin were running around in this little area. Next thing I know Ella is not in sight. I scream her name at the top of my lungs looking for her. Everyone stopped and stared, she didn't answer. I grabbed Anna (who was in the stroller) and Austin, while Brian looking for her. Thankfully he found her going down the path next to the bridge. My worst fear was she was taken. This incident just put a damper on everyone's mood and Ms Attitude didn't understand and just wanted to go home. 
Disclaimer not that I need one- I had read a story earlier that day about a kidnapping that happened close to home and it was in the back of my mind. 

We walked back across the bridge on a search for coffee and found this cute alleyway that had painting and ...

A chalk station for anyone to chalk. I wish I would have taken a picture of the sideway with the gorgeous chalk drawings, there was barely any room left for anyone else to chalk.

After we found some much needed coffee we found a little smoothie shop. We got the the kids two to share. We should have got them each their own with how good they were. Then we hit the road again. I had other plans and ideas of things to do in Chattanooga but after the incident we decided to just get moving. 

We stopped at a gorgeous rest area. I wish we would have packed a lunch to sit and enjoy the views. 

Doesn't everyone take rest stop family selfies. 

Next up Brian's choice of destinations was Nashville. He did no planning in advance and didn't think about it being a Saturday afternoon in June. We got into Nashville at 3pm and it was already crazy. The streets were lined and packed with people drinking and going from bar to bar. It was not the ideal place to go with 3 kids. We ended up driving down the main strip, looking at the bars and people then kept on driving. 

Brian found a restaurant on the water called The Rudder at Anchor High Marina. The weather was gorgeous and perfect for eating outside. We got there a little before 5 and before the rush. 

I ordered the Mahi Mahi salad. It was so good. Probably my favorite meal all vacation. After dinner we went driving around looking at the houses on the lake and tried finding the kids a playground. We did find one that was at a park where a wedding was being held and decided to not let the kids play. 

Another night with these two cuddling. We tried all vacation when we were in Florida for these two to share a bed instead of Anna being in bed with Brian and myself and it never happened. The two nights that we were on the road they cuddled. 

It was another long drive home. We got home around 6pm and started unloading. With no food in the house we had to go back out and grab dinner. 

Well that's a wrap on our vacation for 2023. 

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