Friday Favorites- End of September

 Hey loves. We made it to another weekend. We have a crazy busy weekend celebrating Ella turning 12. Two birthday parties, lots of Taylor Swift aka Ella Swift themed. We have had a great week with some fun, some purchases, lots of friends, and some relaxing too. 

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

I am on a roll with my sourdough bread. I have been sharing the delicious bread with family and friends. It is perfect for the cooler weather. Soups, chili, grilled cheese etc. 

~ TWO ~

Earlier this week was National Daughters Day. I snapped this picture before bed after the girls washed their face together. 


We haven't seen any bucks all summer. I learned that the males go into woods during the summer and the women and females will stay in the neighborhoods. That means it is changing seasons now that we are seeing the bucks again. 

~ FOUR ~

We took Anna and Austin to Cedar Point Hallo Weekends for a few hours. They had trick or treating, a scavenger hunt, a little pumpkin patch, and some games for the kids to play. There is a lot more to do that is scarier but we didn't do with the kids. 

~ FIVE ~

"Mom take a picture of me. I love my pumpkin"

~ SIX ~

Remodeling out flower beds have begun. Brian has been taking out all the bushes and rocks with his truck. We did end up replanting all the bushes in other areas. For the actual flower beds we wanted bushes we would like. We went to a local greenhouse where most everything was 50% off and got a lot of stuff. This is 3 carts full. 


A little mother daughter time with Ella. We had to order her birthday cake and finish some shopping for her party. 

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  1. Happy birthday to Ella, the Taylor Swift themes sound like a lot of fun.
    Well done with the bread, I imagine it going so well with soup. What lovely photos!

  2. Happy Birthday to Ella, have a great weekend!

  3. Happy Birthday to Ella; those Blizzards look yummy!


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