September Monthly Musing

 Hey loves. It is officially fall and is already the end of September. In a few days I will have an official pre-teen 12 year old.  I am in denial 100%, even though the attitude has already started.  I am linking up for this month's monthly musing with Patty and Holly.

1- Favorite Fall Traditions

Halloween festivals and pumpkin patches with my kids. Going on hayrides and picking pumpkins, drinking apple cider, getting lost is a corn maze. 

2- How do you celebrate Halloween?

Our kids get dressed up and we take them trick or treating with two other families in our neighborhood. 

3- Favorite Fall Recipes

Pumpkin Coffeecake, and pumpkin parfait are calling my name right now. i need to find a recipe for a pumpkin or apple cider donut. 

4- Favorite Fall Fashion Pieces 

I have my eye on a oversized brown flannel

5- How do you decorate for fall?

 I shared a Fall Halloween Home Tour

6- Pumpkin spice? oh yes or over it?

Yes love it. From coffee to cookies to donuts and more. 

7- Thoughts on Candy Corn?

Ewww no, but I buy it because my kids like it. 

8- Favorite fall/Halloween movie?

Hocus Pocus

9- Apple pie, pumpkin pie or cider donut?

Cider Donut

10- Bonfire, hayride, or haunted house?

Bonfire. I have not been to a haunted house in year, probably at least 15 years if not more. The last time I remember it was a haunted boat. The one guy we went with was drunk and had to pee, he asked a guy where the bathroom was his reply was your on a boat pee over the side. The guy ended up peeing in the corner, got security and the cops called on him. We left him there, also never saw the guy again. 

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  1. Love that flannel, is it called a shacket? I haven't been in a haunted house in years. I think the last one was at a friend's Halloween party - they had a big basement and the parents got together to make it a fun event. Two of the moms were at the entrance with bowls of worms (cooked spaghetti) and eyeballs (peeled grapes), they'd take our hands and run them over the worms and eyeballs, what a hoot!

  2. I love that flannel. Also, why do 12 year old girls have so much ATTITUDE?!?!?!?!

  3. The pumpkin coffee cake sounds amazing! Thank you for sharing your fall fun with us!


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