Friday Favorites

 Hey loves. Happy Friday. We made it to Friday and we have a 3 day week. YIPEEEE!!!! No I am not excited at all. How was your week? Our week started off rough with Brian being injured and my back flaring up. We are ending the week both doing better and with a date night to see the Cleveland Orchestra Disney the Sound of Magic. I am so excited. 

Also happy first day of September. If you have been missing out on my sharing recipes (a few people asked why I haven't shared any recently) well they are coming back next week!!! 

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

Austin was a big help when I wasn't able to do much with my back acting up. He helped with laundry and other odds and ends around the house. He also has been helping with yardwork and digging out bricks that are buried around our flower bed. 

~ TWO ~

Every morning before school Austin asks if I will move truck so he can play basketball while we wait for the bus. While he plays basketball, Anna also plays outside and I enjoy my coffee. His bus has been late every day except yesterday (I am typing this before the bus comes today) so he gets more time outside. 


Sassy 4 year old. I told Anna she needed her helmet on her bike. Her smart butt grabbed her helmet, put it in the basket then hopped back on her bike. Don't worry I stopped her from getting to far and she put on her helmet. 

~ FOUR ~

Earlier this year Anna planted a sunflower. It was one of those little pots in the target spot at Target. When it got big enough we replanted it in this Donald Duck pot. They are finally blooming after I thought they were dead. They are mini sunflowers so they don't get very tall. 

~ FIVE ~

The not so fun part of the week was 3 days in a row having solicitors for different things. I am loving having my windows and doors open but not that people it attracts. Especially when they keep persisting when I say "I'm not interested". I made this sign with my cricut and supplies I already had. It turned one person away already. 

~ SIX ~

Princess Elsa is ready for Halloween. Anna saw this costume at Costco and had to have it. She wore it most of the day after we bought it. Now it is hidden so it doesn't get ruined before Halloween then she can wear it all she wants. 


Another Costco find. You Need This cinnamon churro puffs. They are on sale right now and they are so addicting. 


When we were out shopping, I asked Anna what she wanted for lunch. Chicken, fries, ranch, napkins, and to sit inside. I can't argue with that. We went to McDonalds and had a nice mother daughter lunch. next week she starts back to school. 

~ NINE ~

Anna and Austin are both in love with this book. Austin picks this most nights as one of his bedtime stories (yes he gets more than one). Anna randomly when say mommy read to me and grab the book. We got it from the Dolly Parton Imagination Library. It is a cute book and goes along with us gardening this year. 

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  1. Your date night sounds fabulous; I hope you have the best time! What a fun mother/daughter date lunch.


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