August Monthly Musings

 Hey loves. It is already the last day of August. I say it all the time this year is already flying by. Who else is excited for all things fall and pumpkin spice everything?  I am linking up for this month's monthly musing with Patty and Holly.

1- Where do you typically shop for back to school? Any tips?

We shop at Target and Walmart usually for school supplies. My kids needed very specific items, such as brand, color, style so we had to shop both stores. Ella's bookbag is straight from Jansport for their warranty
My one tip is buy extra's now while they are on sale. Crayons, glue, paper, glue sticks. They won't go bad but when/if your child needs extras through out the year you already have it on hand or save it for next year. 
Thankfully I didn't have to do any back to school clothes shopping. Austin's birthday is over the summer and he got a bunch of clothes for his birthday. He also hasn't grown much since last year. Ella has gotten a lot of hand me downs and still fits in most of her dresses from last year. She prefers to wear dresses. We did go consignment shopping and she found two dresses. Ella is very focus on the price of everything right now and doesn't want to pay full prize or buy things she doesn't need. (unless it comes from the dollar store). 
Before vacation I bought Austin tennis shoes so he is good on shoes. Ella has a million pairs of shoes that are dress shoes or her white crocs. 

2- How do you organize for back to school?

We have a mud room that we keep the kids backpacks and lunch boxes. Each child has a folder that I keep with important papers. When they get home from school they empty their bookbags, and lunch boxes. Set any papers they brought home on the desk and do any homework they have. 

3- Do you meal prep? Any fall recipes to share?

Yes I meal prep. More so menu plan that actually prep the food in advance. One of our family favorites is Skillet Lasagna. My kids love it because they get leftovers the next day for lunch in a thermos. 

4- Any back to school traditions?

This year we did back to school brinner, and traditional back to school pictures and interview. 

5- How long does it take you to get into a new fall routine?

My kids got thrown into the new routine without any issues. Me on the other hand I take a few weeks. 

6- Best lunchbox packing tips?

Pack the night before and let them help. We do a protein, fruit, and snack. I know Austin isn't going to eat any veggies so I stopped stressing about it. 

7- Best tips for getting out the door in the morning?

Preparing as much as you can the night before and having the same routine everyday. 

8- Slow cooker? Instant Pot? Both? or Neither?

I only have a slow cooker and love it. I had an instant pot that I use to use just for corn on the cob and eggs, Brian didn't like the flavor of anything else in it. I kinda wish I had an instant pot again to try more recipes. 

9- School Bus? Car Pool? Walk to School?

The two older kids take the bus, my youngest I drove because she is only in pre-k and her school doesn't offer busing. 

10- Start school before or after Labor Day?

Our school starts before Labor day. 

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  1. Oh your skillet lasagna looks wonderful!

  2. I didn't even think of addressing back to school supplies since we haven't bought any at all since Alec started high school; I had a few pencils and pencils and plain notebooks already and since they use their Chromebooks for everything there was no supply list. I remember their HUGE supply lists when they started Kindergarten and do not miss those days. Off to check out that skillet lasagna.

  3. I really need to stress less about having a variety in my kids' lunches. And we REALLY need to work on night time lunch packing.

  4. Brinner seems to be a big theme this month and I am loving it.


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