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 Hey friends. Happy Monday. How was your Mother's Day weekend? 

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This month we are sharing Favorite and Least Favorite Foods

If you know me I enjoy cooking. I share recipes all the time. Sourdough is becoming my new love. This was hard for me to narrow down my favorites. 

5 Least Favorite Foods
  • olives
  • sauerkraut
  • candy corn
  • oysters- I can't stand the sliminess 
  • cottage cheese- its a texture thing

5 Favorite Foods

What are your favorite and least favorite foods?

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  1. I do eat cottage cheese (not that it would ever make a favorites list!) but agree with your other 4 least favorites and no sushi for me (that is a texture thing for me). There are lots of foods I can't eat because of the texture. I have a delicious Tuscan chicken pasta recipe that calls for cottage cheese but they have you throw it in the processor first and get rid of the lumps then mix it with a bit of yogurt. I almost always process all my cottage cheese now because I like it much better without the lumps.

    1. I have seen more recipes calling for the cottage cheese to be processed, I may have to try it.

  2. Olives probably should have been on my favorites list. I love all kinds! I could have put tacos on my favorites list, but I had too many favorites : ) Have a great day!

    1. A lot of people love olives, I have never been a fan.

  3. Sauerkraut! Yes I hate that one too. I do love olives though, I could just eat them out of the jar, but I restrain myself. I've never found the appeal to candy corn.

  4. Oh I love sushi too! I do like olives and sauerkraut!

    1. Sushi has been added to my Sam's club haul every month they make it fresh in store

  5. I'm with you on candy corn and oysters, yuk!

  6. I'm one of those few people who like candy corn. I do like cottage cheese processed in recipes these days, so that has been a new thing for me.

  7. I love sushi but really, only California rolls, so I don't know if that counts!!! I also love olives! YUM!!!

  8. You not liking olives did make me chuckle because my girls always said they hated them before they even tried them, now they love them.
    I love burgers too, any type of burger!

  9. I don't like olives, oysters or sauerkraut either. Given the fact that I don't like sour cream or mayo, I surprise myself that I like cottage cheese...but not with fruit in it! haha


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