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Hey friends. Happy Eclipse day. I am already for this day to be over. Our morning started early with the kids excited and Brian helped with the pig roast we are having at our neighbors house. We are in line of totality and I am expecting a hectic crazy day, even though we are only walking down the street and not going anywhere out of our bubble. 

It's time for the monthly link up, Share Our Lives. Join myself, DaraJenJoanna, and Sarah.

If you are new here, Welcome. I am Adrienne, stay at home mom of 3 from Ohio and this is my little world on the internet. I share every day mom life, recipes, book reviews, favorites, and more.  We would love for you to link up with us the second Monday of each month, each month we a new topic and we just share our lives and connect with one another. 

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This month we are sharing Favorite Make-up and Hair Products

I am my girlfriends go to when it comes to hair and make-up. partially because I am a licensed cosmetologist and worked in a salon for 13 years. But also because I enjoy and know how to do make-up and hair. 

Overall I have been slowly switching my personal products over to less toxic products when I use them up. I have tried and true favorites that I can't seem to part with. 


If you can't tell I keep my make-up very limited. I really only do my eyes ever anymore. It has been a long time since I wore a full face. 
Eyebrows- dark brown from my wellness box
Eyeliner- black cream from my wellness box
Eyeshadow- either It cosmetics eyeshadow stick or very old Limelight (this is one my list to replace soon)
Mascara- Dramatic Impact from my wellness box

Here is a close up of the eyebrow pencil. It has a brush, pencil with a fine tip, and brow powder brush. I use it pretty much everyday and it has lasted me 4 months already.

Can we just talk about the mascara. I love it more than my cult favorites Better than Sex and Dior Blackout. Also so much more affordable $15 compared to $33. 

Hair Products
I have been blessed with natural curly hair. I had cute little ringlets when I was little, then it went straight/waxy. Then after I hit puberty I got curls again and it has gotten curlier after each pregnancy too. It is crazy what our bodies do. 
When my hair isn't in a pony tail on top of my head, I usually wear it curly but I do also straighten it at times. I use different products depending on what I am doing with my hair that day. 

I always use a wet brush to brush out the tangles, and leave in detangling smoothing spray from my wellness box. When styling curly I use a wide tooth comb for curly hair. 

Curly Girl

New to me foaming mousse I have been trying. Someone recommending it in an Amazon Lately post and I decided to try it. So far I am liking it. I haven't had a curly product that I am in love with. 

Straight Hair

My all time favorite heat protector and smoothing spray from Kenra smoothing spray. It is a professional product and should only be bought at a salon. If you read the back of the bottle it will say guaranteed when sold at a professional salon. It has been proven that products at Amazon, Walmart, Target, TJ Maxxx, etc that are professional products are not the same product inside even if the bottle is the same. They have been found to be replaced with a different product, a new sticker put over a different product, and/or extremely expired. 

I also use Tresemme as a after oil to smooth down. Not my personal favorite but I grabbed it one time I needed something quick. 

Let's not forget dry shampoo. Also from my wellness box. I love that it doesn't turn my hair "grey" or icky feeling. 

If you are interested in finding out more about the online wellness store that I have swapped a lot of my products with. I would love to set up a store tour with you. Fill out this form and we can set it up. 

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  1. That's interesting to know about "professional" products on Amazon. I had no idea.

    1. It's in the fine print on the bottle that no one pays attention to. i am guilty too

  2. I never knew that about the professional products!

  3. I have an eyebrow pencil like that with the brush on one end and the pencil on the other, it's the one thing I use most days.
    That is interesting to read about the "professional" products. Eek!

    1. the brush and pencil combo is such a game changer.

  4. I've learned about so many new products from your post :)


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