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 Hey friends. Happy Monday. How is your March going? We are off to a much better start than the previous two months. There has been sunshine, random gorgeous days, lots of time with family and friends, and (Knock on wood) everyone has been healthy. 

It's time for the monthly link up, Share Our Lives. Join myself, DaraJenJoanna, and Sarah.

If you are new here, Welcome. I am Adrienne, stay at home mom of 3 and this is my little world on the internet. I share every day mom life, recipes, book reviews, favorites, and more.  We would love for you to link up with us the second Monday of each month, each month we a new topic and we just share our lives and connect with one another. 

In January we shared, Introductions and Job History. 

In February we shared, How We Met Your Significant Other or Best Friend

This month we are sharing 5 Items You Can't Live Without

We all can't live without food, water, shelter, our loved ones etc. I came up with 5 items that I pick up every single day. 

1- Phone. Beyond social media, yes I love it and use it daily I could go without it. (but if I don't have to I won't). I talk or Facetime my parents everyday, I message my girlfriends everyday, I talk to Brian while he is at work. Brian and I have synced calendars so we can keep up with our kids. I also take lots of pictures on my phone. 

2- Bible- Not I don't physically touch my bible everyday, but everyday I read the bible and listen to the bible recap. If I am not physically touching my bible I use the Bible app on my phone. 

3- Glasses and contacts- I either have my contacts in or I am wearing my glasses. 95% of the time I have my contacts in. Every night I put my glasses on (this is huge for me because I use to be horrible about taking my contacts out) I prefer to not drive in my glasses but I will read at night or put them in if I know we are not going anywhere. 

4- Chapstick- I have a Chapstick addiction. I use it numerous times a day. I have a Chapstick on my nightstand, in the car, in my purse, in my wallet, and in the office. My favorite right now is from my wellness box. 

5- Earbuds- If I am honest with you I have numerous pairs that I have and wear. I have certain ones that are hooked up to my laptop and certain ones that are hooked up to my phone. My favorite pair that stay on my ears (they have an attached ear loop) doesn't stay charged very long. I listen to the bible and the bible recap. I listen to books while doing housework, and I will listen to Instagram/podcasts/youtube throughout the day. 

What are 5 Items You Can't Live Without? Be sure to link up below and come back next month as we share Favorite Make-up and Hair Products. 

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  1. These are great ones! I also could not live without my glasses, but forgot to mention that one. It is so much a part of me, I almost always have them on my face.

    1. I agree when you have them so long they are just apart of you

  2. Replies
    1. this is a good and bad thing. something i never would have said oh i can't live without but times change

  3. Do you have a favorite brand of earbuds? I need a new pair!

    Lauren @ Don’t Mind Our Mess

    1. honestly no. my aukey have the over the ear hook but they die so quickly but they are a few years old

  4. Definitely phone for me as well. Oh yes, good call, I also use my bible app every day when I am getting ready for the verse of the day and my devotionals.

  5. What a great list. I never thought of adding my phone to my list. I could live without it but it would be a struggle. lol

    1. totally a struggle to not have your phone anymore. they make it is a necessity.

  6. Chapstick and hand lotion definitely could have been included in my list :)


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