Day In The Life- Summer Edition

 Hey friends. Summer is in full swing, we are in a less hectic routine with no more summer reading camp, or craziness with running here to there. The weather has been gorgeous, been spending lots of time outside and with family/friends. How is your summer going?

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This month we are sharing Day in the Life Summer Edition

Day in the Life posts are always the most requested and a favorite to read and follow along. I picked a random day to document our day. I picked last Friday July 5th, after the fun 4th of July holiday. 

The night before we had a little later night than normal with it being the holiday. I didn't set an alarm instead I let myself sleep in because I had no plans, Brian was home, and I knew the kids would wake me up. My body / sunlight woke me up at 7:06. I got up and got ready to workout. 

I checked out these two who had a sleepover together. Anna is in a cuddle mood, oh and such a girl with the leg. They ended up sleeping until 8, which never happens. 

I grabbed my morning "me time" stack and pre-workout and headed outside. During my me time I have a devotional, gratitude, question a day, and journal. 

Brian woke up and started getting ready for work. I headed down to my little space in the basement to workout. 

20 minute power yoga cardio done. A lot harder than I expected. 

I headed up stairs, Brian went to work, then my kids woke up. I got them some cereal ,their breakfast of choice, and started making myself breakfast and putting away dishes. 

I had an egg taco with nutritional yeast as my cheese, avocado, and salsa. I made iced coffee and added my collagen. (which is why it is red)

After breakfast they both got an hour on the tablet playing Roblox. 

I fed the fish and frog. The frog gets frozen blood worms that you put in a little water, Anna usually helps me but can't do it herself. Austin's fish tank is to high for him to reach so I normally just do it myself. 

While the kids played on the tablet nicely together I snuck in a shower and got ready for the day, again. 

Friday is laundry day. I do all the laundry one day a week instead of a load every day. (the only exemption is Ella does her own laundry). Anna and Austin each bring down their own clothes baskets in the morning. I separate the clothes and wash loads of darks, lights, and towels. 

Next I backed a loaf of sourdough that was cold proofing in the fridge from the day before.

The kids were done with tablet time and were off to build a fort. I made myself a greens drink and it was time for a little computer work. So many emails (most garbage that I need to just unsubscribe from) and finishing up a blog post for the next day. 

My time inside didn't last long. The kids wanted to go outside and go swimming. Thankfully it has been a little bit cooler and I can take my laptop outside to get some work done. While out there I finished emails, my blog post, a few random things, and updated the kids amazon wish lists for their birthdays that the grandparents requested. 

Kids lunchtime outside while taking a break from swimming. They had ham sandwiches with strawberries and Pringles. 

Brian was home doing yardwork and the kids ventured into the front to ride bikes and scooters, get nice and hot then jump in the pool again. 

My lunch was a chicken, cheese, avocado quesadilla with cucumber and a side of ranch. 

I was getting ready to head inside and saw the mama and her babies. 

It was 3 pm and Anna was getting whiny and asked to cuddle. The next thing I know she is napping. We let her sleep for about an hour. Then woke her up to walk to her Uncle's house to go play with trains. (the nice ones that you see at train shows). She didn't want to go so just Brian and Austin went. 

Anna started complaining that her throat and ear were othering her. I decided to take her to the express clinic to get look at just to be safe. She was negative for strep and her ears looked good. The doctor said there is a virus going around right now that has mock symptoms but all the tests come back normal and it just has to run its course. 

Dinner time. Bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheese, avocado with rosemary herb mayo on fresh sourdough with a side of chips and strawberries. 

After dinner I curled up on the couch and read for a little bit before we were set to head to a friends house. 

The guys were doing the Heatonist hot sauce challenge. Two of the guys have done it before and said it was brutal. 

The sauce was tossed on wings. Brian and another guy made it to sauce 7, which their goal with to 6. Brian also tried sauce 9. The other two guys did all 10. The faces, the change in their color, veins popping... The last sauce which was the hottest had a good 6 minute delay to feeling the heat. Then watching the guys suffer was a harsh. The had fun though. 

The kids behaved and played together, which they normally do when it just the 7 regulars but we also threw in 2 more kids and they did great. We headed home a little before 10. Got the kids ready for bed, did our bedtime routines and I laid in bed and read for a while and finished the book I was currently reading. 

So that's a random summer day for us. No real schedules, more so routines, going with the flow, and lots of time outside. 

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  1. Sounds like a nice day overall, hope Anna is feeling better.

  2. I enjoy reading these DITL posts. I do hope your daughter is feeling better. I feel like there's a lot of junk going around here for it to be summertime. Have a nice week!

    1. Its crazy the amount of people i hear are getting sick this summer. Anna is feeling better.

  3. Ahh! I like days like that when you don't have to set an alarm. The kids sleeping together are just adorable!
    It sounds like a lovely day apart from Anna not feeling too good. I hope she is all better now!
    The guys are brave doing the hot sauce challenge! It does sound like fun watching them.

    1. Anna is feeling better. The guys and the hot sauce are something else. Brian brought home #5 which wasnt to hot but he is putting in on eggs in the morning to add the heat.

  4. Sounds like a great summer day apart from Anna not feeling well. Hope she’s better. The hot sauce challenge had my eye’s watering just reading about it!

  5. I hope Anna is feeling better! Your breakfast looks delish. I've done a few short workouts this week, and I swear they are the hardest.


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