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Hey Friends. Happy Friday. We have had a busy week. I am ready for the weekend and hopefully some relaxing and prepping for another busy week ahead. 

Time for some Friday Favorites with these three lovely ladies: ErikaNarci, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

I dont normally get cuddles from Austin anymore, and don't even ask for a kiss. I didn't think this started until he was much older, not 4. This week he hasn't been feeling well and I am soaking in all the cuddles I can get. 

~ TWO ~

My inspiration, motivators, cheerleaders. and workout buddies. Going strong with working out 4 days already this week. On Tuesday I waited until Ella got home from school to workout with her. They both did some of it with me. There were no weights and they were a little uncoordinated for a lot of it, but they still got moving with me.


I love finding evidence that someone stole my phone and was taking pictures. My phone is locked so this would be the only thing she could do.

~ FOUR ~

I bought this huge 128 oz water bottle back in August. I used it for a little while and loved it. For whatever reason it got set aside then put in the basement. I brought it back out on Monday and have been using it every day this week. Every day this week I have drank at least 100oz a day. It helps me so much with the time markings, it sits in the kitchen and every time I go in there i take a drink. when I am leaving the house I fill up a smaller bottle to take with me, and I fill a glass with water when we are sitting down for our meals. I highly recommend if you are struggling with your water intake. 

~ FIVE ~

I am loving this full zip up lightweight hoodie jacket I got from Amazon. It is great for these fall days when temps are in the upper 40s and 50s. The fabric is so soft, thin, stretchy like yoga pants. I recommend going up a size it does run a little small. 

~ SIX ~

We squeezed in some pumpkin carving last night. Last night was the last night before Halloween that we are all home so we had to get it done and didn't want anyone to miss out on the fun. 


Yes I am that mom who puts her kids in a pumpkin, I did it with Austin also when he was a baby. Audrianna wanted nothing to do with it. I put a blanket in there to try and keep her warmer. She stood up and just wanted out. 

Pumpkin photo fail but still cute. My niece asked me why I put Audrianna in a pumpkin. My response "because I enjoy giving my kids memories and things to talk about for years to come"

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