Friday Favorites- New Link Up and more

Happy Friday. The weekend is finally here. This week has been rough for me. Trying to get into a new schedule, Austin started preschool (next week he starts speech therapy again), I feel like I have taxi written on my forehead.... I am ready for a little get together with friends tonight and not much planned this weekend (I hope) so I can relax and catch up on sleep and continue getting my house in order.

Now time for some Friday Favorites with these three lovely ladies: ErikaNarci, and Andrea. 

~ ONE ~

Aubriella is showing more and more how awesome of a big sister she is and that she really loves Audrianna, not that there was ever any doubt of that. Every day, multiple times a day she asks to hold her. This past Sunday she played with and held, and put Audrianna to sleep (not on purpose) while I cleaned the kitchen, prepped food, and made a grocery list. 

~ TWO ~

Austin started preschool this past Tuesday. He will be going twice a week for 2 and a half hours. So far he is loving it and keep asking to go back and is it time to leave. He said he had "sooo much fun".

I am excited for him but also nervous that the teachers won't be able to understand him with his speech issues. 

On his first day they made a snowman craft that he was so excited to show me when he got home, well after he woke up from his nap. They also had an obstacle course lots of fun.

~ THREE ~ 

Ella told me on the way home this morning she didn’t read at her dads last night. We get home Audrianna is still sleeping (on my bed). I go to the kitchen to make Ella’s lunch. I hear Ella talking. I went to check on her I found her reading to Audrianna. She can be the sweetest sister at times.

~ FOUR ~ 

Audrianna has a mind of her own of what she wants and doesn't want. Yesterday for breakfast I tried to feed her oatmeal, which I try to do every day and mix it up with whatever we are eating. She refused the oatmeal. I was finishing my sausage egg and cheese on an everything bagel and she was just giving it the stare. I offered her some and she went to town sucking on and eating my bagel. We are primarily doing baby led weaning. 

~ FIVE ~

I am so excited to finally share I have teamed up with four other amazing mommy bloggers and we are starting a monthly link up "Not Just A Mom". Each month on the second Monday there will be a different topic. Join us this Monday with an introduction to you, your family, and your little world on the internet. 

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Friday- Homemade pizza

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    1. I hope it stays that way as they keep growing especially with 8 years between them

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    1. thanks. they are so sweet to each other most of the time.


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