Elf on the Shelf 2019

Our Elf on the Shelf, GusGus is back for another year of fun. I have to confess I didn't do a calendar like I usually do. #MOMFAIL There has been morning that I am rushing out to move him before the kids wake up. There was even a couple days that he didn't get moved, but luckily Austin didn't look for him until after I some how snuck around and moved him, or had Brian do it when I wasn't home. There were also a few days I forgot to take pictures.  I will admit to being up at 2am feeding Audrianna and scrolling Pinterest to see what fun idea I can find that is easy but new. 

A girlfriend asked me the other day why we still do it if it sometimes seems like such a hassel. The traditions, the memories, the excitement in the kids. GusGus is really a part of the family during the month of December. Ella will write him a note and wait for a reply the next day. Austin will say "GUS GUS" every morning in a British accent (thank you Peppa Pig) when he finds where he has moved to. 

Here are all our fun from 2019 

~ Saturday November 30 ~ North Pole Breakfast

~ Sunday December 1 ~ brought Advent chocolate calendars (and Disney Advent books not pictured)

~ Monday December 2 ~ "Can You Find Me?"

~ Tuesday December 3 ~ "Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the Elfiest of them all?"

~ Wednesday December 4~ I forgot to move the elf this day. Brian moved him into the basement. He was in our Christmas tree saving Ariel Barbie from being eaten by a hippo. Ella came home and loved the hippo and Ariel before I could get a picture.

~ Thursday December 5 ~ Riding in Santa's sleigh with different toys to lead the way

~ Friday December 6 ~ Brought the kids new coloring books

~ Saturday December 7 ~ Caught with his hand in the sprinkles

~ Sunday December 8 ~ Drew Tic Tac Toe boards on the bathroom mirror with dry erase markers for both kids

~ Monday December 9 ~ Hanging in Austin's stocking

~ Tuesday December 10 ~ Riding on Austin's Paw Patrol fire truck

~ Wednesday December 11 ~ Holding Ella's new snowflake ornament she made

~ Thursday December 12 ~ Caught eating banana's and nutella with nutella on his face

~ Friday December 13 ~ Austin didn't sleep in his bed so GusGus did with all his stuffed animals

~ Saturday December 14 ~ I forgot to take a picture. The elf was hanging out in my hibiscus tree smelling a flower

~ Sunday December 15 ~ sitting in a wine glass

~ Monday December 16 ~ stuck in the window coming back from the North Pole

~ Tuesday December 17 ~ got tangled in baby's toys

~ Wednesday December 18 ~ Ziplining in the living room

~ Thursday December 19 ~ in the fridge with cookies to be decorated 

~ Friday December 20 ~ Hanging out in the baby's room watching her sleep

~ Saturday December 21 ~ Stuck in a mason jar

~ Sunday December 22 ~ hanging out in Santa's hat, only his feet stuck out before they moved the hat

~ Monday December 23 ~ Kitchen window showing off the new Happy Holidays truck

Somehow I forgot to take a picture the last day also with his goodbye note. I didn't do to well this year. Next year will be a fresh start.

Does your family have fun with the tradition of Elf on the Shelf?

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