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 Happy Monday. Lets be honest here. Who realized it was already the second Monday of June. Not me. Normally I am on top of things. Last week was a rough week on so many levels. I haven't even started using my new planner yet. I am slacking. I need to get back into a schedule over here. 

It's time for another Not Just A Mom link up with these awesome ladies and myself:
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January we shared Introductions
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May I talked about my Fitness Regimen

This month we are sharing some Fun Facts

I have decided to pick 5 random Fun Facts. 

1- I use to collect frogs. I always wanted a frog tattoo but never got one. I probably have a few hundred small frog figurines. I have recently decided to part ways with my collection and only keeping a few meaningful ones. I now am obsessed with all things Disney.

2- I learned to drive on the drag strip in heels. I have (or at least had) a faster reaction time than 90% of drag racers. I know more about cars than a lot of guys. I have done more work on cars than most guys including helping rebuild numerous motors. (when I was married we owned a race car) My dream car is a 1947 Merc' Leadsled.

3- I use to be such a picky eater growing up. I didn't like most vegetables, wouldn't eat anything but chicken and burgers. Now I have a wide range of foods I love. Brussel Sprouts are my favorite vegetable. If the menu has Ahi Tuna (raw) I am getting it. I love cooking and experimenting with new foods. I suck at following recipes because I don't measure and mix it up to my liking.

4- My day starts with coffee (ok not first thing but I do have coffee every morning) and ends with either wine or a beer. I prefer wine semi sweet wines, and darker beers with a higher abv. (I don't drink every day)

5- I have 3 kids all that start with AU : Aubriella, Austin, and Audrianna. They are 3 1/2 to 4 years apart. One has blue eyes, one with green eyes, and one with brown eyes. 

What is one random fun fact about you?

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  1. When I first read that you collected frogs I was picturing like the actual frog. I was like where the heck did she keep them all? hahaha. How funny that your kiddos all have a diff eye color!

    1. I have tried my share of real frogs but I can't keep them alive so I gave up trying.

  2. I know nothing about cars... I even feel a ridiculous amount of pressure on those rare occasions I had to pump my own gas! LOL.


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