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Good morning. Happy Monday. I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and Mother's Day. We had a good day. I started off my day with cuddles and a workout. Followed by lots of food. Today I am refocusing on my nutrition and continuing my 6 week bootcamp. This mama has goals. 

It's time for another Not Just A Mom link up with these awesome ladies and myself:
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This month we are talking about Fitness Regimen. 

For many people their fitness routine has completely changed since all gyms have closed due to the Covid 19 virus pandemic. For me my fitness hasn't changed at all. It has been years since I worked out at a gym. My preference has always been at home workouts. 

6 years ago I started my first at home workout program, Slim in 6 and got better results than I ever had at the gym. 

Some people believe at home workouts don't work. I am proof that it does. I may have never gotten abs but I did lose weight, gain energy, and confidence in myself. First photo was from 2014, 2 maybe 3 months pregnant with Austin , After photo was after I finished 22 Minute Hard Corps. Yes a 22 minute at home workout program for 8 weeks. 

Before I got married in 2008 I went to the gym regularly, I had joined weight watchers, neither of those worked for me. After having two kids, 2016 working out at home, eating properly, and having virtual accountability, support, and encouragement. 

I stream my workouts. There are over 1000 different workouts, kinda like the Netflix of Fitness.

Some days I workout upstairs in my living room.... 

Other days I workout in the basement. I have also worked out in our garage, on the back porch or in the driveway. (my laptop doesn't stay charged for me to workout anywhere that I can't plug it in)

I love the days that my kids are also working out with me. Here Ella and I are doing a partner workout that you only need a ball for. Audrianna also got in on the fun aka stealing our ball.

Some days I am lifting weights. 

Other days I could e be barre, yoga, pilates, cardio, etc. I

I just a shadow boxing program. 

There are workouts and programs for different fitness levels, amount of time (as little as 15 minute), with equipment and without, low impact or high intensity and everything in between. There are also stretching workouts (I love the lower back stretches that have helped me numerous times)

Even though I workout at home I am never alone. I choose to work out in a virtual gym. There is always someone else working out available for support, encouragement, and accountability. Here was in the middle of the day.

In the virtual gym we not only support each other we also have fun. Here was a crazy legging day that turned into a crazy Disney day for many of us. 

What is a virtual gym?
Private group with other like minded women (sorry no men allowed) who support and encourage each other in a positive safe zone. I provide the tools to set you up for success on your health journey. 

What platform is the virtual gym available?
Closed Private group on an app that you can also stream your workouts, track your nutritional, water, and results. 

Summer Sale What You Get for $140:
- 1 full year of virtual workouts you can do from home (reg. $99)
- 30 servings of my favorite super food shake (reg. $130)
- FREE access to the virtual gym community with meal plans, recipes, & more
- Me as your coach
- Accountability and motivation
- A workout plan that is best for your ability and goals.
- Daily encouragement, accountability, challenges

Is there a specific program we do?
We will discuss what workout program is right for you, based on your goals and current fitness level. 

Interested in talking more about the virtual gym and if it is the right fit for you? Fill out the form HERE or drop me an email and we can chat.

What is your current fitness regimen? Has it changed since the gyms have closed?

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  1. I've done Beachbody on Demand in the past. I suppose it would be a good thing for these times!

  2. I love all your pictures!! Good for you getting your workouts in!!

    1. Thanks. It is one of my ways of staying accountable and seeing progress.

  3. I don't think I have ever joined a gym! I much prefer working out at home or going for hikes/ walks.

    1. Even though I had memberships to gyms I would say I am a gym girl. I do better at home.

  4. You are so good at fitting fitness into your life and making sure it's a priority. I need to do the same! You're very motivating :)


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