Friday Favorites

 Hey loves. Happy Friday. We survived the first week of February. We seem to be adjusting to new schedules and routines and getting sleep again. Now lets hope I didn't jinx myself. I am getting antsy to get outside with the kids and just get fresh air but our temps in Northern Ohio have been below 30 all week, that's a little to cold for me. We have a fun and relaxing weekend ahead with more snow in the forecast. 

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.Kids edition

~ ONE ~

Ella finally had picture day at school. Realistically she has only gone to school less than 10 weeks this whole school year. She was excited to dress up and get her hair styled. She came home and said no one else in her class had their hair done pretty. I guess this is what happens when your mom is a hairdresser.

~ TWO ~

This girl and her huge smile. She stole her sisters blanket, wrapped up like a burrito and sat in her stroller calling Ella until she came out of her room. She is going to be trouble


Little girl is spoiled. She has both Austin and Ella trained to push her around the house in her baby doll stroller.

~ FOUR ~

I love the days these two get along.

~ FIVE ~

Did you know i bought this chair just so Audrianna could look out the window. Her siblings use it for as a chair than she does.

~ SIX ~

A picture with all 3 of them smiling and looking it is a miracle, crazy hair and all.

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  1. Any day my three girls get along is a good day for sure. More often than not they are fighting about something.

  2. The kids are getting along so well, or so it appears! So cute :)


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