Morning Love Notes

Happy February. It is the month of LOVE. Not just for our significate others, and ourselves, but also our kids. Sometimes they get left out and we just think we know of wonderful and amazing they are. Do we really say it enough to them? You can never give to much love and affirmation.

I started the tradition a few years ago of putting love notes on the kids doors from February 1-Valentines Day 14 after seeing it floating around Facebook. Last year I did it every day of February and my kids loved it. It was something to look forward to every morning. They had to look for the new ones and read them. (Well Ella read them)

This year I am doing all three kids and Brian. We have 4 doors in our hallway. Each loved one will get their own door with their own colored hearts. Every morning I will hang their hearts for them in find when they wake up.

Written on each heart will be a different affirmation or thing I love about them. Such as 

  • You have a wonderful smile
  • You make us giggle
  • You are thoughtful
  • You are a great helper around the house
It is not to late to start. Surprise your kids when they get home from school or after their bath 
with a heart on their door. 

Do you have any fun Valentines traditions in your house?

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    1. my kids are loving it too. My daughter asked tonight if she gets a new heart everyday,

  2. This is such a great idea. Thanks for the reminder. Yes, love the blog redesign too! Thanks for linking up with Hello Monday! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

    1. hmm I didn't redo anything on the blog. What are you seeing different?


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