Hey loves. Happy Wednesday. Today I am doing a new to me link up: Currently with Annie in Residence. Each month she gives you a few prompts. This months prompts are lovingreadingrememberingsharing, and wishlisting.



Snow. Yes I am that crazy lady who loves snow. No I am not one to go out and play in it, I have never snowboarded or skied in my life. I enjoy sitting by the window watching the snow fall. I love how bright the day and night is with a snow covered ground. 


A lot. I am in the horrible habit of reading more than one book at a time. Currently I am reading-


Wonderful time hop showing me previous years playdates. I haven't seen my girlfriends and their kids in a year pretty much. Who else is ready for Covid is be over.


Right this second my afternoon shake with Audrianna. She won't let me drink it alone. While I am making it she also gets the spoon from the peanut butter, presses the buttons on the blender and put the straw in the cup. She is just a little spoiled.


Airbuds pro that stay in my ears. Basic earbuds fall out. I can't seem to mentally pay the price for them though. 

What is something you are currently???

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  1. I just finished Kiss My Cupcake last night! It was so cute!

    1. I just finished it last night too and really enjoyed it.

  2. We love snow too. It's much more fun than just plain old cold weather without snow.

    1. yes totally if it is going to be cold give me the snow.

  3. I miss my friends too. Hopefully we can all get together again soon.

  4. Thanks so much for joining in! We're doing a lot of reminiscing about "before" times here too and missing getting together with family and friends. Facetime and Zoom just aren't the same!

  5. I love snow too. :) I also miss my friends so much. I've seen a few at outside playdates (where we can keep our distance), but not nearly enough.

  6. Hope all your books are enjoyable! I often read more than one book at a time too. Right now I'm only reading two. hah


  7. I have to admit...not that many (bloggers I've been reading) love the snow! So, you go girl! I'll take the heat and humidity but someone needs to love this white stuff:) Enjoy!!

  8. I will have to look up that Becky Thompson book! I read a book by her when I first became a mother and found it so inspiring and helpful. :) And snow!! I love snow. :) I don't mind being out in it but it is so much better to look at from indoors. :)

  9. I wish I could have snow! Living in Florida can suck sometimes I tell ya LOL. I have been wanting some Air Pods as well. They would be perfect at work so I can listen to music on the sly.


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