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 Hey loves. Happy Friday. We made it another week. It is suppose to be a cold on in Ohio but then next week we are warming up. I am excited to get outside more, more fresh air, more play time, using up more energy. Not big plans for this weekend besides grocery shopping and laundry. Do you have anything fun planned for this weekend?

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

A day with temps close is 60 means I kick the kids outside to play, which also means I have to be outside with Audrianna. On March 1st we started our 1000 hours of outside chart. We only have 1 hour marked off but it is a start. I have seen other families doing the challenge on Facebook and Instagram. It is a great activity to do with your kids and really focus on being outside. You can check more about it here 

Audrianna has grown so much in the last year. She is climbing up the kids slide all by herself, she is doing the big swing set (and giving me a heart attack) and always on the go.

Austin is content with playing in his dirt pile, or any dirt pile. 

Lets not forget about riding their bikes. Last year Ella's bike was a little to big, this year she hopped on without a problem and just went. Our gal this year is to take the training wheels off Austin's bike. 

Audrianna enjoys sitting on her tricycle and being pushed. She won't put her feet on the petals though. 

I was daring and gave Audrianna a yogurt tube while sitting on the kitchen floor with her. She usually has her yogurt put in a bowl and she eats it with a spoon. Then it turns into a facial and finger paint on the table. She sat so good and ate her yogurt without making a mess. I did have to help her push the yogurt up but still a major win.

Some days these two get along great. Other days they don't. While getting some work done on the computer they sat next to me on their stool and ate Pirates Booty, which is a favorite in our house. 

Thursday morning it was just the kids and myself. Brian had to leave for work real early. I decided why not make "pots of gold" for dessert and put dinner in the crockpot all before having to take Ella to school. The kids were a big help, didn't fight, and we even got Ella to school early. On our way home Austin asked if we could drive around and look for "zombie houses" (can you tell what he watches with Brian at night) He picked out two different houses that looked like they needed updated and some work done. 

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  1. I love all of the outside time you got to have! We've been trying to take advantage of it as well even though it's been really windy here. Looking forward to those warmer days! Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. What a great outside time goal! We try to get out whenever it's nice too.


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