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 Hey loves. Happy Friday. It has been a week. A weird but good week. We were back on a good sleep schedule with Audrianna then something happened and that is now out the window. It has been attitude central here for all my kids, and from talking with some friends their kids as well. Hopefully this weekend will be a reset and everything will get back sanity. We have a fun weekend planned with family dinner and Girl Scouts. It is also suppose to be nice so we will be outside getting in all that fresh air. 

Time for some Friday Favorites from the past week or so with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

Austin has had a thing with putting on his shirts backwards, some days even his pants. He is cute about it and will say "I wanted to see if you would notice" Then we switch it back around. 

Took control for the past 9+ weeks and finished another workout program. 9 Week Control Freak is DONE!!!!!!
I am so proud of myself for finishing this program for myself and setting an example for my clients. I have been known before to start programs and never fully finish. Life isn't perfect and that is ok, you have to give yourself grace. There have been days where I didn't want to work out. days the kids joined me, days I took a rest day and moved around the schedule. But I got it done.
I loved this program, from a different workout everyday, new moves, the control track. and more. I watched myself and the other amazing women doing this program grow, build strength, and take control of our lives.
But it is more than that the commitment to myself physically. This was a huge mindset shift. I can do hard things. I can commit to something and succeed. This program may be done but my journey is still going strong.

Last weekend we had my niece's little birthday party at the house. The kids went bowling then came home for take out dinner. Audrianna wanted to be one of the big kids and sit at the big kids table and not at her high chair at the adults table. She is growing up to fast. 

It is spirit week at school for Ella. On Monday was wear your favorite color. She had on purple from head to toe. 
Tuesday was word swap (I didn't get a picture) she had on a shirt with words, a pair of my shorts that said Virginia Beach on the butt, words on her bracelets, necklace and hair bow. She said not many kids had on words.
Wednesday was wear green (photo further down). She had green hair and nails and wearing my green shorts. She came home and said no one else was wearing green besides a few kids only had a green shirt on. This kind of made me sad. 
Thursday was athletic day. Ella wore workout pants.
Friday is orange and black which are her school colors. 

I said it had been a weird week. Austin had taken a nap everyday this week. Here on Monday Audrianna even took a nap at the same time.

Audrianna has a new best friend. His name is Olaf. Our local Disney Store is closing, (the next closest is over 3 hours away). We went and everyone (minus me) picked out something. Ella got an Anna dress from Frozen 2, Austin got a remote control car, Brian got a shirt, and Audrianna picked out his little Olaf stuffed animal. The next day he went everywhere with her, including eating breakfast at the table. 

This is the first year that I bought the kids shirts to wear for St. Patrick's Day. I got Ella and Audrianna these cute Minnie Mouse ones to match from Target. 

On St. Patrick's Day Ella came home from her dad's that morning wearing a shark shirt and didn't want to change. Audrianna wore a cute shamrock dress that was Ella's when she was little. Austin I bought his shirt off Amazon.

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  1. Aww, the shirts backwards is so cute!! We definitely have many funny getting dressed stories about my little sister!! 😂 Yay for your working out!! That is commitment right there!! You truly are inspiring, I need some of your workout vibes over here! Loving all of the St. Patrick’s day outfits!! Happy weekend!

  2. My kids have been a little off this week too and the backtalk and attitudes have not been fun. Spirit week is always a good time. I love seeing the silly themes. Hope you have a good weekend!


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