Easter Basket Ideas

Easter is around the corner, in less than a month. I grew up getting an Easter basket full of candy and a few odds and ends. We are trying to get away from all the candy and sugar. Most of the time over half the candy gets thrown out because the kids just don't eat it. When you think about Easter candy it has the most not so appealing candy in my eyes: peeps, hollow bunnies with cheap chocolate, and Cadbury bunny. You may love them but they are not my families, or my go to choice of sweets. 

I am always looking for fun practical gifts to give my kids for Easter. Sometimes I even theme them. One year I did a book collection for each kid, with books I bought used. Another year Ella got a bunch of soccer stuff (she said she was interested in soccer, then decided she wasnt.) I have done outdoor toys, and raingear. 

Outdoor fun: rainboots, umbrellas, chalk, bubbles...

Ella's large umbrella was soccer themed with a soccer ball, soccer net, plus some books and outdoor fun.

Lots of books


This year we are doing outside sand toys, and a bunch of random stuff and not much candy. Ella is getting a laundry basket (she keeps asking for one) Austin is getting dinosaurs, and Audrianna is getting a peek a boo Minnie. 

Here are some other fun ideas:

  • mini stuffed animals (yeah I know I hate stuffed animals)
  • fruity lip balms
  • sidewalk chalk
  • arts and crafts supplies
  • books
  • jump ropes,
  • rain boots and umbrellas
  • new swimsuits and towels
What do your kids get in their Easter baskets? 

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