Tuesday Talk- Moving Tips

Hey loves. Happy Tuesday. I feel like I am still playing catch up from the weekend. My weekend was busy with a playdate and family birthday party.  Today is a quick link up with Erika for Tuesday Talk

In January I talked about Making Memories. 
In February I talked about Sleepovers

This month lets talk about moving. Give me all your tips for moving, packing, with kids. We have talked about moving for a few years, nothing is set in stone yet. But I am stressing about the logistics of it already. We live in a 3 bedroom house with a full finished basement, and storage in the attic. We have a lot of stuff. (most of which is used frequently but yes there is some that needs gone through and purged) 

This is my moving history: I lived in the same house until I got married at 21. When I was married we rented a duplex, bought a house, moved in with my parents for a few months (stored all our stuff) then moved into the house we bought. We I got divorced I moved in with my parents, put stuff in storage, then moved into our current house when I had Austin. Every time I moved there wasn't much organization, things got lost/broken, and just thrown in boxes. 

What tips can you give me? 

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  1. Best of luck.. I wish I had advice but I haven't moved in more than 16 years!


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