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 Hey loves. Happy Friday. How has your week been? Our week has been crazy and we have a crazy weekend ahead too. It was the start of basketball for Ella, Brian's birthday, and more mixed all in. We have a fun weekend planned with date night, finish Christmas shopping (hopefully) and finish decorating the house. What are your plans this weekend?

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

Today I started a new job!!! Making myself the #1 priority. Just 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week. Focusing on my nutrition and drinking all the water.

I am tired of feeling like shit. I am tired of having no energy. I am tried of my clothes not fitting.

I am ending this year feeling better and completing this 4 week program. I will complete the program on New Years Eve. A strong start for the new year.

You can join me and end your year stronger!!

The reality of my Monday: 
⁃ alarm was set for 6, anna woke up at 6. No early workout for me today.
⁃ today’s workout I had to press pause a few times because of a little girl. Same little girl was used as a weight because she wanted cuddles.
⁃ We had culvers for lunch. I had never had it (and will never have it again) it made me feel like crap, stomach ache…
⁃ Got 80oz of water in

It isnt about being perfect. Its about being mindful. Some days you have to give yourself grace. Tomorrow is a new day.

Today will be day 5 of getting a workout in. Wednesday I did a stretching workout instead of the scheduled workout so I still have today and tomorrow to finish week 1 of this job. I love having the flexibility of picking which 5 days I will do the exact workout scheduled and its only 20 minutes. I got the stretching workout done while Brian was reading bedtime stories. 

My little workout buddy adding my extra weight to my bridges. 

~ TWO ~

Ella decided to make her own dessert the other day. She found the recipe in one of her kids cookbooks then modified it to what we have and what she likes. (i think the recipe called for berries but we only had grapes) She then grabbed my phone to take a picture. I may have a future foodie blogger on my hand. 


We got a new to us mattress, our old one we gave to my parents for the spare bedroom for when the kids sleepover. There was a mattress topper on our old mattress, I wanted to make sure we liked our new mattress before I gave my parents the topper also. The kids decided to make it their own bed, or pool.

~ FOUR ~

Audrianna playing dress up wearing Ella's Aurora (sleeping beauty) dress. She is getting more shy taking pictures and puts her hands over her face. 

~ FIVE ~

I didn't get a picture but I just have to share. This past week Ella and Austin have been getting along more. Yes they still fight like siblings but they have been playing together. They were playing red light green light at the bus stop a few mornings. Around the house they have been playing with cars and trains together. 

~ SIX ~

We went and saw Santa Claus last weekend. Austin was nervous so we went up with the kids. Anna did great in Ella's arms. There was no tears and everyone is looking at the camera. I call this a win. 

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  1. The family Santa photo is great! I almost always had one in tears for those. Good for you for prioritizing you and your health. It's so hard to do with little ones.


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