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 Hey loves. It has already been a crazy week. It is Tuesday morning, I usually do my posts the day before, but Monday was hectic but very productive. I should be at the coffee shop this morning getting work done while Anna is at preschool, but her school closed for the first time ever with two teachers having Covid. It is a small private preschool so they follow different protocols than a normal school. So we are home, our contractor is here again and I am going to try and make today productive. (Which normally doesn't happen when we have workers in the house, Anna doesn't do well with strangers). 

 It is time for another recap of my Amazon purchases from last month. I am linking up with Tanya today. Lets look what I purchased. Now this isn't everything I bought on Amazon this month. I have done a lot of Christmas shopping online. I am not sharing anything I bought for Brian or the family incase they read my blog. I will share what I bought the kids though. 

Smart Plugs, I bought these to turn on my Christmas tree in the office. 

My favorite mascara

Ella wanted an adult hat, and not something with a character on it

Mermaid book for Ella for Christmas

Austin is getting a kids echo for his room.

Ella an electric toothbrush for Christmas

Anna an electric tooth brush for Christmas

Austin an electric tooth brush for Christmas

This month we had two orders of 6 goldfish with the kids home from school for Thanksgiving break and we were out of other snacks. Austin requested the colors but we are going back to the whole what ones. 

We had 3 firesticks in our house. The kids would walk to the other room with one and you wouldn't know what tv it went to. The original firestick is black and I swear it got lost once a day in a couch cushion. These slipcovers are awesome, and little ones can't take the batteries out now either. 

Cookbook for Ella. She loves being in the kitchen and making food herself. She is always looking for new ideas. 

New drip pans for our stove when we moved in. The old ones were rusted

We bought Austin shoes at Target before school started. They already have holes in the bottom. I had bought Ella a pair from Amazon and they are holding up great. We decided to try Austin in a pair like Ella's. So far these shoes are working out great. 

Even though Anna is only 2, and a toddler, she has a big head and doesn't fit in a toddler hat. (We also struggle with some clothes that the head size is to small) This new hat is just so adorable and fits her head. 

Every door in our new house has locks. After getting locked out of the house in the garage, that Anna accidently locked. The next day I overnighted keys to put all over the place so I won't be locked out. 

Star night light projector

Our kitchen sink didn't come with any drain plugs. I have bought 3 different kinds and none of them have worked. I clean my produce each week and needed a way to have a container to soak my veggies in. This collapsible, drain tub has worked great. 

Dryer balls- we no longer use dryer sheets

All 3 kids have these diffuser with night lights in their room.

Anna and Austin has this sound machine and projector in their room. I love that it is small and easy to take when we travel too. 

Austin needed new masks/more masks after losing a few, He loves these Star Wars ones. 

Are you doing a lot of Christmas shopping online this year or in person?

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  1. The little kids' Echo is so fun! Thanks for linking up!

    1. I love the you know it is a kids echo. The older version my daughter has is just rainbow striped

  2. The kids echoes are so cute. I keep telling my mom to get a diffuser!

    Lauren @

  3. I feel like I did nearly all of my shopping online this year; though we did make a few big purchases in stores.


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