Friday Favorites

Hey loves. Happy Friday. It is our first week back to reality. Kids are back in school, Brian is back to working out of the house. I am getting into a new routine for me and Anna. So much fun and exciting things happening in our family. 

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

Don't we all need to look like a rock star at 7am while eating breakfast at the table. 

~ TWO ~

My cute little workout partner again. We made room for me to get my workouts done downstairs again. But don't let her cute little face fool you, She was trouble during this 20 minute workout.

Anna got into Ella's craft supplies. There were pipe cleaners and googly eyes all over my workout mats. I let her have her fun and play for the 20 minutes I needed to workout. Then we cleaned it up, yes she helped. We really need to Anna proof the basement better and get her the Barbie house space back. 


I am officially a basketball mom. Every Saturday both Ella (above) and Austin (below) have basketball. Ella has practice on Mondays that Brian takes her to and games on Saturday. We tried taking both Anna and Austin with us to Ella's game. It didn't go so well. Anna wanted to run around and play and not sit and watch. I gave her crayons which kept her occupied for a little bit then she tried coloring on the floor. This was the only picture I got as I was trying to entertain Anna the rest of the time. 

Austin's Saturday mornings right now are just practice with different stations and learning about the game. There are no teams but eventually they will play. 

~ FOUR ~

We finally had Christmas with Brian's family. The kids were spoiled with everything they got. They were also so excited to see family. 

~ FIVE ~

Can you guess what this is?

Disney on Ice, we got tickets to take the kids this weekend. 

~ SIX ~

I have been looking for a long sleeve shirt that isn't to heavy but still warm that you can dress up or dress down and covers your butt. I bought this green shirt from Amazon and it is exactly what I wanted. Usually at Christmas I get to warm that I am changing into a tank top. This top I loved the length and temperature it was exactly what I wanted. Now I want to order in more colors. 

~ SEVEN ~ 

Just a little girl and all her baby dolls. She has 4 now. 


I dragged our exercise bike up out of the basement and put it in the office. My back has been bothering me after normal cardio with jumping around. I am using the bike for all cardio right and modifying the strength workouts when needed. No excuses not to press play.

~ NINE ~

Audrianna had her 2.5 year check up. How do I have a two and a half year old. This was her first time going to the doctor and only screaming when he touched her and when she got a shot. It use to be she started scream as soon as we entered the building. 
She is now in the 4 percentile in weight at 23 lbs, she was previously in only the 2 percentile. She is 2'9" my little mini. 
We talked about her not sleeping through the night and starting to wean her off breastfeeding. We are going to start there and eventually start potty training too. All the fun things.  

~ TEN ~

The smile on this girls face!!!!!

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  1. That's great your kids are playing basketball!

    1. They are loving it too. I am excited that we may have found a sport my oldest daughter likes

  2. Have fun at Disney on Ice! We used to take our boys; I just loved it and I hope they enjoyed it too. Glad everyone is back at school and work and healthy again.


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