Friday Favorites

 Hey loves. Happy Friday and first Friday of March. How has your week been? We have been having a great week. A new month and I am starting off in a better mood than last week. Is it the thoughts of Spring or warmer weather in our forecast, I don't know but I will take it. 

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

Ella went to her first concert. She received tickets to JoJo Siwa, two years ago but it kept getting pushed back because of the pandemic. She finally got to go. 

Not bad seats.

I think Ella was most excited about spending time with her aunt Leah. She took her out to dinner first than the concert. She was so excited when she got home it was a late night and a school night but she did go the next day. 

~ TWO ~

Audrianna is loving having her nails painting. She keeps bringing me nail polish then stands on a chair in the kitchen with her hands ready to go. She has been doing very good at holding still and waiting until they dry. 


It wouldn't be fat Tuesday without pazcki's. Our local baker doesn't do the powdered sugar just does glazed with all the fillings. It is not as messy. But still delicious. 

~ FOUR ~

Working on getting outside as much as possible and getting out of this stuck inside rut, winter blues, seasonal depression feelings.
Anna and I went on a little over a mile walk after preschool Tuesday. We got home right before it started to rain. It was a little chilly but we bundled up. She was happy to be outside and didn't want to come in.
In my virtual gym this month we also have a goal of 100 miles, either walking or riding. That's 3-4 miles a day. I am not including my everyday movement in this goal. Starting this month off on the right track.
Going to try and get outside as much as possible.

~ FIVE ~

Life happens and I give myself grace on my workouts. No where does it say you have to do a 4 week program in 30 days. If it takes longer it takes longer. What is most important is listening to your body. I am on week 3 of my 20 minute a day program. I have added more veggies and less crap in my nutrition. I am feeling great, having more energy, and seeing a difference on the scale and in pictures. 

~ SIX ~

I started this journal this month. It is has 365 questions, for 5 years. Each day you have a different question and it repeats every year. The questions pertain to being a mom. Thursday question was "What's a typical Friday night these days?". I am excited to see how this changes year after year as my kids grow. 


Ella and I also started 100 days to brave for kids. We are a few days in and I love it so far. It is a great thinker and conversation starter for us. We are not doing it everyday, so it will take us longer than 100 days to do. 


It is Dr. Suess' birthday week. Austin is celebrating in school and we are celebrating at home with bedtime stories by Dr. Suess. Yes I know the dinosaur book isn't by him but it looks like one of his books and Austin picked it out. And yes we may have ready Green Eggs and Ham every night this week. It is a family favorite. 

~ NINE ~ 

Audrianna is a wild child this week. She is ready to take on her siblings for a nerf fight. 

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  1. I love your goal of moving 100 miles-- I may try that too!

    1. It has motivated me to get outside weather permitting.

  2. How fun that your daughter got to go to Jo Jo Siwa! I only know from Dancing with the Stars but the pre-teens seem to love her :)

  3. Green Eggs and Ham is one of my favorites too; for awhile I could quote the whole thing without looking at it!


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