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Hey loves. Happy Monday and Happy first day of March. The sun is shining and it's a new month. So many exciting things happening this month. First lets take a look back at what I purchased from Amazon in February. 

 I am linking up with Tanya today. 

Descendants 3 DVD yes we still buy DVD's. Ella has a TV with a DVD player in it (yes we are that old school) in her room. And we also have a DVD player in the van, plus a portable DVD player for vacation. Ella had this movie than it fell down a crack in the van and is lost unless we want to tear apart

Plastic cones- Brian wanted them to practice basketball drills with Ella. The kids also love to play with them, we used some last year with baseball, and they will be great to have for summer and putting markers in our driveway were the kids can't go past. 

Ella shorts for basketball. I love that they are longer and have the added underwear. 

Big box of goldfish. They got our order right this month, the last 3 months they did not. 

An influencer recommended adding this True to your water to add some flavor. The ingredients are very minimal and not crap. I got a variety pack to try. My favorite is the orange or grapefruit. 

Kids disposable masks- My kids school no longer required masks besides on the bus (this was before the bus mandate was lifted) I was afraid that Austin would lose his mask between the morning and afternoon of being on the bus. I grabbed some disposable masks to stick extra in his bookbag. 

Q & A For Moms- a question a day for 5 years. I am starting this today. I had the book in my cart for a while, it went on sale and I bought it. 

Micro fiber cleaning cloths of phones, laptops, and glasses. I bought these for my glasses that I have been wearing every day. I have them all over the house for easy use. 

Embracing my curls. Loving this diffuser that I just add to my hair dryer.

Lack of sleep (thank you Audrianna) has made my dark circles pop. I have seen these gold eye patches all over. i have tried them a few things and starting to see a difference. 

I bought small decorate chalk boards from the dollar tree. Than I saw someone on instagram talking about these chalk pencils. They are amazing to write with. 

Sneak peak at a project in the works. I always wanted marble counter tops. 

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  1. The chalk pencils look cool! I have a lot of that True stuff from a sample pack they sent me, my kids like to use it sometimes!

    1. The true its a nice little switch up of flavor when your bored with just water.

  2. My friend Hannah uses those eye patches and swears by them!

    1. I feel like a lot of people have these eye patches. i hope they work. I look rough

  3. I can't wait to see what you do with the marble! I have some of those eye patches and they feel so refreshing. Thanks so much for linking up with Prime Purchases!


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