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Hey loves. Happy Monday. How was your weekend? Ours felt like it went by way to quick. It is hard to believe that it is already the end of February. The month really flew by. March is going to be an off month. But we are going to make the best of it. 

Today I am sharing 4 random things about each of my kids and myself.

1- Aubriella and I started reading the 100 Days to Brave for Kids by Annie F Downs

2- Ella is thriving at her new school. Her grades and attitude is improving so much. She also made it to regionals for Academic Challenge in Science, and no longer has a reading delay.

3- We have found her sport, basketball. Her height is being used to her advantage and she is a great defense player. She did great her first year and she wants to play again next year too.

4- Last night Ella went to her first concert. She saw JoJo Siwa with her aunt. She got the tickets two years ago then it got postponed due to the pandemic. I don't know if she was more excited for the concert or just to spend one on one time with her aunt. 

1- Austin is going to be my sports boy. He is finishing up basketball, then starting flag football and wants to do baseball again this summer. 

2- Austin's speech seems to be getting better. If he is excited it can be very hard to understand him still. 

3- He is also doing well with the new school. I think it is also going better now that the mask mandate has been lifted. 

4- Austin needs some major organization in his room. He has so many odd toys and trains, cars, etc. The mess doesn't bother him, I can see teenage years being rough.

1- Audrianna loves getting her nails painted. We have done in twice in the past week. She holds still, and blows on them while they dry. 

2- Audrianna loves that her Papaw has retired. She wants to go see him all the time, we usually go over there at least once a week. Half the time when we are there she doesn't want him though. 

3- She is a smart cookie. Anna likes to jump down the stairs (holding your hand) and she will count all 14 steps with help. 

4- Speaking of school, she is thriving. No more tears when I drop her off (that lasted the first few weeks). There are days when she fights when I pick her up that she doesn't want to leave. 

1- I have binge watching more TV. Sweet Magnolias, Bridgerton, Love in Blind 2, and How I Met Your Father. 

2- I started listening to a book on audible. I signed up for 3 months free. So far I am enjoying it. What books do you like to listen to?

3- I have been giving myself grace with my workout routine. What that means is I am doing 20 workout program, in order at my own pace. I am listening to my body and doing low impact cardio, usually on the bike, instead of jumping around. I am focusing more on my nutrition. In the past 2 weeks I have gotten over that plateau and lost 5 lbs. 

4- I may love snow, but I am ready for warmer weather and getting outside. 

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