Monthly Intentions- March

 Hey loves. Happy March. Who else feels like February just flew by? Yes it is only 28 days but really it felt like 2 weeks. I am ready for March. Longer days, warmer weather, closer to spring, and so much more happening this month. 

Let's take a look back at February Goals:

  • complete another round of Job 1 workout program- On week 3
  • Go to the gym 4x- not even once
  • Read 6 books total- yes
  • Work on weaning Audrianna from nursing- no
  • 2b mindset eating plan- yes and no
  • Read Love Unending - yes
  • Read 123 Magic- still reading
  • have a game night - no
  • have a movie night - yes
  • Go out to breakfast - no
  • Date night with Brian and I - date lunch
  • Love Note Hearts on the kids doors every morning -yes
  • Finish mudroom - no
  • Go through Austin's clothes- yes
  • Go through Audrianna's clothes- no
  • Organize Austin's - no
  • Start a dream list for things done around the house - no
  • Fix bathroom counter in kids bathroom- no

February did not go as planned. I have been slacking on a lot around the house. We also were fighting colds that we kept passing around. 

Books I Read- 7
Rings Closed on Apple Watch
 - move = 
 - exercise = 28/ 28 (goal is 380, i should up this)
 - stand = 28/28

March Goals:

  • go on a date with Brian
  • lunch date with a friend
  • 5 year Q& A journal everyday
  • joyful and rising devotional everyday
  • finish job 1 round 2
  • start new gut program
  • get outside at least once a week
  • 100 miles of walking/biking
  • Read 5 books
  • Finish reading 1 2 3 Magic
  • Listen to an audiobook

  • go on at least one family walk
  • family movie night
  • family game night
  • go out to breakfast
  • start planning something fun for spring break
  • do something fun as a family

  • finish mud room
  • finish kids sink
  • go through Audrianna's clothes
  • decide on windows
  • decorate for St Patrick's Day.
  • decorate for Easter
  • organize Austin's toys
  • write down dream list for house

  • Plan content for April
  • Start some content for Summer
  • Get 2 new collabs
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