Friday Favorites

Hey loves. Happy Friday. It's Mother's Day weekend. Any fun plans? We are hosting brunch for both families, about 17 people. It will be our first big event at the new house, wish us luck. Even though the weather will be decent everyone will still be in the house with our yard a muddy mess. 

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

Summer weather is around the corner, if not already here for some of you. My favorite most comfortable sandals are made by Croc, yes that brand that makes those shoes you would not be seen dead in. But you would never know they were Crocs unless you looked close. I got them last year and loved them. Just ignore that dirt and toe nail polish that needs fixed.

~ TWO ~

Ella had her first soccer game, even without ever playing the sport or having any practice. She had fun and did good. Her team even won. At first she was just standing there but after watching and some instructions and get comfortable with the game. She got to played goalie  too and really enjoyed it. 


Austin had his last flag football game. He is happy it is over and said he doesn't want to play again because he didn't have any friends but liked the game. Next time we will sign up in our community instead of an open to any city league. 

~ FOUR ~

I finished the 4 week no impact workouts and 4 week gut health programs Quick results recap:
- I am feeling amazing.
- Full of energy.
- Really feeling like me again.
- No more constant stomach aches
- I feel rested, even when not getting a full night's sleep with Anna.
- no more brain fog, actually being productive at home
- down 7 lbs, the lowest weight since before I had Anna.
- down 6 inches, down a pants size
- awareness what foods I have a sensitivity that are healthy that I was eating all the time (PB, broccoli, almonds, dairy, etc)

If you are interested in more info on these programs, lets chat.

~ FIVE ~

I have gotten up early a few days this week, as in like 5am early. Got my workouts, devotionals, and personal development done before the day starts. I feel so much more productive and energized. 

~ SIX ~

While Ella has at soccer practice this week, Brian, the kids and I went for a walk around the park then the kids played on the playground. On our walk we saw a few deer and some geese and their baby chicks. 


Dancing in the rain.


Anna's new obsession is blowing dandelions. Our yard currently has a lot (Brian hasn't fertilized yet). She had pulled them all the other day, now today there are a lot more. Her blowing seeds everywhere worked her in favor. 

~ NINE ~

The other night we had Severe Thunderstorm Warnings and Tornado watches. It ended up fizzling out quickly and didn't get much of a storm at all. We did get a beautiful random. Austin saw it as he was heading up to bed. It was so bright this picture doesn't do it justice. 

~ TEN ~

I may be crazy but it could have gone a lot worse. While I was watching the girls this week I had a fun Mother's Day finger painting craft for them to do for their mom. They kept the paint on the canvas and their hands. Between each color I wiped off their hands quickly. 

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