Friday Favorites

Hey loves. I hope you had a wonderful week. I can't believe it is  last Friday of the July already. I really am in denial that summer if flying by.  We have been something fun everyday, making the best of the last of our summer. Sharing a few favorites from this week.

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

Daddy's little helper grinding coffee. She reminds me of a cat who runs when you open a can. Anna runs when she hears you start grinding and yells "me do"

~ TWO ~

Anna got a water table for her birthday. She has been playing in it and sitting in it. Good thing she is small. (there are two pools in the backyard because one we were throwing away and were waiting for the other one to warm up)


The deer have been around the last few days. We bought them more deer food (yes i feed the wildlife) and lowered the feeder so the babies could eat too.

~ FOUR ~

Anna got bored waiting for dinner to be ready at Grandma's. She cleaned out the wagon, hopped in, buckled up and said "go for walk". I didn't argue. We walked down to the end of the street, on the way back she decided she wanted to walk and pull the wagon herself. When we got back dinner was done. 

~ FIVE ~

Mommy's little workout buddy. I have been trying to get up before everyone and getting my workout done early and out of the way. This day I waited a little later. Part of the workout was on the bike the other part was on the floor with weights. She joined in with the weight portion.

Speaking of the bike I am starting to get the hang of it (meaning not killing myself standing up and riding), and pushing myself more.. This spin bike is a lot different than a stationary bike, which you can't stand up on.. 

~ SIX ~

After picking up Ella one morning I took to younger two along for the drive and we stopped at one of the metro parks. They have a fun 1/2 mile walk with different things for kids to do such as little themed houses, a stage, frog jump, etc. Ella was not excited when we got there and wanted to stay in the car. Afterwards she said she had fun. 


We had planned to go to the movie theatre and watch a movie from the $2 summer series. Plans changed as we stayed home and had a movie day inside because it was also raining. Along with movie day we had as Ella calls it a "fun lunch" 

We grabbed pillows and blankets, laid on the ground and watched Sing 2. I loved the music in the movie but the story line did not keep you hooked at all. The kids seemed to enjoy it though. 


Morning cuddles between these two. Anna loves her siblings, sometimes a little to much and to hard.

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