July Musings- Back to School Prep

 Hey loves. Who else is in denial that it is already the end of July and kids are starting back to school soon? I think for us having vacation at the beginning of summer compared to the end has thrown us for a loop. We are over here enjoying the rest of it as best we can. My kids do have 27 days left until they go back. Today I am linking up with with Patty and Holly for Monthly Musing. Today we are talking about Back to School Prep. We have already started getting ready. 

This year I will have all 3 of my kids at 3 different schools at 3 with different start and stop times, 2 different school schedules, 2 taking the bus, 1 I have to drive and pick up, plus soccer and basketball. Being prepared and organized is going to be key to a successful year. 

1- How do you get organized for the school year?

  • Calendars- all the dates, start and stop times, bus schedules, pick up and drop off. We have a dry erase calendar, google calendar that Brian and I link together and I have a paper planner. 
  • Shopping List- from school supplies, extra supplies needed for at home, clothes they need
  • Set up a homework station
  • Prep mud room with school items. 
  • routines with schedules for before school, after school, and bedtime 

2- Favorite place to shop for back to school clothes?

Target, Walmart, Old Navy, Kohls. My kids are not very picky as long as it is comfortable they normally don't complain. Ella usually wears dresses to school which is her personal preference (always has shorts or leggings underneath). Austin is shorts or pants and a shirt, nothing fancy. 

3- Do you meal plan? Favorite back to school meals? Share a recipe or two!

Yes I meal plan all year round otherwise things are hectic and we waste food. 

4- What are your kids favorite things about going back to school?

Ella- This year she is excited about having lockers and getting to decorate them. Plus seeing her friends again. And being on a bus without her brother this year they go to different schools. 

Austin- He is excited to play on the play ground but that's it. Then he said he wants to make more friends, and take the bus without his sister. 

5- Best place for school supplies?

Target and Office Max. 

6- Any first day of school traditions?

  • The Night Before Books
The night before school I love to read books that deal with the first day of school. We all know they are a bundle of nerves and I feel like reading about it and talking about it helps. Here are the books we have for Kindergarten: 
First Grade:

  • Breakfast
We use to make pancakes for breakfast on the first day of school. Now the mornings are more hectic with 3 kids and 3 different start times. My kids go to favorite is overnight oats
  • First day of school pictures
  • First day of school interview

7- Best Lunchbox tip?

Give the kids options so they don't get bored. I also like to leave cute little lunch box jokes, quotes, and/or pictures.

8- Buy lunch? bring lunch? both?

For the past two years with lunches being free for the pandemic the kids could buy whenever they wanted. This was a great way for them to try new foods, and see if they liked the school lunches. We have determined they may like the main dish but not the sides and end up coming home hungry (and they get a snack at school too) so packing will be what they do most often. 

9- Does school start before of after labor day where you live?

Our new school district starts before labor day. My kids go back August 24. 

10- Best money savings tip for back to school?

At the end of the school year we put up any unused or good school supplies to use the following year. Such as pencils, erasers, glue sticks etc. Last year my kids got their supplies from the school when we started in November. The folders they got are thicker plastic folders that barely look used that the kids will be using again this year as they are specific about colored folders. 

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  1. Awww I love the Back To School Book idea! So cute and love the way you prep- I do several of the same things which help me to be less stressed!


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