Our Week Life Update

 Hey loves. It has been a while since I did a our week life update besides our vacation recap. This is going to be a picture overload huge update of what is going on to catch up in no particular order. Are you ready for it? 

The day after we got home from vacation the two baby deer were hanging around the house all day. 

Austin has been doing speech therapy once a week for 30 minutes. During this time Anna gets to play at the school's playground with the playground usually all to herself. 

Ice cream for my birthday

Along with Austin doing speech her is also doing "summer school". He does about 20 minutes a day in both math and reading on the computer and checks in with a teacher every other week or so on his progress. It is more something to keep his mind on school and learning. 

We finally got a few trees cut down. They only came two months later than they originally told us. What's funny is we had another company scheduled to come (that was more expensive) then the originally company calls when we are on vacation and wants to come when we are not home. They ended up coming the week we got home. 

My new favorite way to drink my Shakeology is a bowl version. Vegan Vanilla Shakeology with coconut milk topped with fresh fruit.

The baby dear again. 

Hard to see but the baby deer are laying down. They bring all us so much joy and happiness. 

Anna playing. She loves to make a mess and to lay her Fisher Price Little People in a row. 

Along with having the trees cut down we also had the stumps and roots ground up. It was an adventure as the machines tire broke off and took them over three hours to put back on. 

Date night for my birthday dinner at Yard House. 

I made it to another one of Austin's t-ball games. I hate to say I only went to 3 this year. Anna is at the age of not behaving or listening. At this particular game she ran onto the field 3x then we ended up watching the rest of the game from a distance in the car. 

Anna has become a little helper in the kitchen. From making eggs and coffee to trying to cut strawberries. 

Brian got sick and wasn't allowed out of the house and I needed out. The kids and I went for a walk through the neighborhood. 

We have been getting use out of our pools again this summer. They really like this smaller one because it warms up quicker. 

While they have been swimming and playing outside, i have been working on my tan and reading. 

Anna chasing the deer again.

Anna started back up with summer camp. This was the only picture I got. She had to say hi to the deer before she left. 

The day after we got back from South Carolina and Kentucky Ella left for vacation with her dad for 10 days to Mississippi. While she was gone I found she wrote in chalk a little not on the wall. 

More house projects. We got new much needed windows. 

The first day we got windows we went to my parents house to keep the kids out of the way. Anna also had summer camp that day. We left Austin at my parents I took Anna to lunch and had time to play at the playground before summer camp. 

The aftermath of the root and tree stump grinding. Half of my front yard and half of the back yard are now mud pits. 

Anna learned how to swing on her own with Claudia's help. Claudia also is the one who took the picture. 

Saturday morning adventures at the Crocker Park, hitting the farmers market, walking around, and getting breakfast. 

Brian got wood to make a shelf thingy for all the wood we have from cutting down the trees. He thinks my van is a truck and he can buy 10 foot boards with no issues.

Austin finished his tball season strong. We are so proud of him. He has grown and learned so much this year. 

Audrianna is officially no longer breastfeeding. She went 3 whole years exclusively breastfed never taking a bottle. We are still adjusting to her new routines but she is soaking in all the time she gets with her daddy now at bed time. 

Audrianna turned 3

The kids finally got library cards for our new city and we checked out the library. Austin was excited for the train table. (as if we don't have enough trains at home) 

Austin turned 7

more deer

My sister turned 40 this year and we celebrated by going out to dinner for Hibachi, her choice. 

We watched fireworks on July 15 at my hometown carnival.

Austin's t-ball team had an end of the season pool parties for the families. 

We celebrated Anna and Austin's birthday with family

The kids loved watching the plans taking off and getting this close. 

I finally ordered got my myx bike.  so far i am loving it.

Meet Betty Lou, aka Betty 2.0. I started a sourdough started a few months ago and it didn't work out. I bought a book, different flour and so far so good. 

If you made it to the end I owe you something for listening to me ramble and over 40 photos.

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