Friday Favorites

 Hey loves. It is Friday. We made it to the weekend. It has been a rough week, but I am so excited for the weekend. Tonight Brian isn't home, the kids and I have a pizza party, movie night with a fire and smores planned for tonight. I believe I need this time with just me and the kids, including Ella since she hasn't been here the last few weekends. 

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

I blew up heart balloons for the kids to play with. They played a fun game and got along for a while with it. I shared on Instagram the game. 

~ TWO ~

McDonald's has Disney toys again. We stopped by last week for lunch after preschool. We got a deck of cards. Yes I was more excited for the toy than Anna. I put the cards away for vacation.


Austin had his first basketball game. We got a sitter for Anna so I was able to go and watch. Austin was excited that I was there. He made some baskets in practice and was great on defense during the game. 

~ FOUR ~

Family night with make your own pizza. Anna helped cut up veggies. The kids got to spread the sauce, add their toppings and cheese. I made a 3/4 pesto and 1/4 regular pizza. 

Family night also included watching The Tigger Movie and making smores. 

~ FIVE ~

Sibling love. They are 4 years apart but they are the best of friends. From the cuddles to playing together to fighting because that's what siblings do. 

~ SIX ~

I finally did it. I went and got my haircut. It was a horrible experience, not what I wanted, bangs are to short, length was uneven, layers choppy. Thankfully I can fix it myself. I really just wanted to treat myself to a good haircut and not have to worry about it. 


Anna and I got out of the house twice this week, one day we did a bunch of shopping and she was so good. Another day after preschool we went to the library to pick out a few books and play. 

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  1. I think your hair looks great! We used to have pizza/movie night every Friday when my boys were young. Now they just want the pizza and they'd rather watch their own shows in their own rooms. LOL.

    1. thank you. I can see my oldest not wanting to watch movies with the younger two sooner than later.


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