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 Hey loves. It was a rough week on the motherhood front. There were tears and temper tantrums, early bedtimes, lots of cuddles, items forgot at school, long hours, little girls running around with no clothes (no pictures of that)... Real life motherhood. It isn't always sunshine and rainbows. 

Monday January 30

Monday morning was a rush to get off to school for no specific reason. Things were just not going as planned. When I told Anna it was time for school she said a few more minutes she wanted to play. Then says I have baby in my belly. 

 She put some toys in her dress. I love her imagination. 

While Anna was at school I got my grocery shopping done, made a grocery haul video (that I haven't posted yet) 

and got my workout done before I had to pick her up. 

I also made myself a post workout yogurt bowl with post workout recover powder and coconut yogurt, granola, and berries. I know with certain workouts I will be so sore that next day if I don't eat/drink a recovery protein. 

The rest of the evening was a blur. Ella has Shake and Make until 530 and Austin starts basketball at the same time. I have a late dinner with Ella and Anna. 

Austin had forgotten a shoe at school. Yes I shoe. Over the weekend he had forgotten his snow pants and boots. Monday he came home with the snow pants and wearing the boots, but only carrying one shoe. Thankfully he had another pair that still fit for baseket ball. 

After dinner while the girls were playing nicely together I started cutting out the hearts of a heart a day in February. 

Tuesday January 31

I have a coffee thief. I bought some oatmeal cookies from the store that turned out to be a lot harder than I expected. They are delicious dipped it coffee. 

Mommy's little helper vacuuming under the cushions (and the rest of the living room too) I was prepping to wash the couch the new day. 

Mom take a picture

This must be her signature pose of the day. I did a little blog work while Anna colored as we waited for her siblings to get home. 

Ella got home from school and it turned into an eventful evening. Ella's friend came over and Anna cried and screamed and fought because she wanted to hang out with the big kids, who didn't want anything to do with her. I was making dinner and eventually asked Ella to hang out with Anna for a little bit. Next thing I know Ella is changing a dirty diaper. (of which Anna put on herself instead of using the bathroom)

It was an eventful evening and Brian wasn't home. I feel like the kids know when Brian isn't going to be home so I am solo parenting to they become a million times worse. 

Wednesday February 1

Morning cuddles. They really only get along because Anna loves her brother and Austin only wants to be watching TV in the morning before school. 

Time to get my princess ready for preschool and I couldn't find her. She was under the blankets and pillows, half under the table hiding with the tablet. 

Anna went to preschool and I came home to start scrubbing the couches. It did not go as planned. First the rug scrubber wasn't working, then the stain wasn't coming out. Eventually it all worked out. I had originally planned on doing the couch, loveseat, and chair. Then I realized depending on how long they took to dry we would have no where to sit. 

Pick-up for Anna from preschool. She is in the middle of the shadow. They played music and the kids shadow danced. 

We came home from preschool, and I headed downstairs to get a workout in. Anna played nicely by herself in the toy room. I left the basement door propped open incase she needed me. 

The most delicious dinner. We had tomato spinach tortellini soup

Thursday February 2

Brian doesn't leave his sunglasses in his truck. He brings them in the house and usually leaves them on his tall dresser in the bedroom. For whatever reason he left them on the desk in the office. Anna found them and was wearing them around the house just so her daddy would find her wearing them. 
As you can imagine they are both staring at something. The TV was on this particular morning and they were watching Paw Patrol. Getting Austin ready for school turned into a fight with temper tantrums that he wanted to watch TV. Between arguing about getting dressed, brushing his teeth, finding socks, putting on shoes, and getting out the door I was exhausted before 8am. This was a final straw for the tv in the mornings. 

Austin requested banana bread, and we just so happened to have all the ingredients and an active sour dough starter. Anna decided she was going to help. Let the photo shoot begin. 

signature pose

The banana bread turned out really good. The kids came home from school and each had a slice. The loaf didn't even last three days. 

Brian came home from work to make his good friend dinner after a loss in their family. He preheated the oven and put the the pan in the oven without even double checking to see if there was anything in the oven. Which there was. I keep my sour dough starter in the oven to be in a warmer, draft free zone. All this being said. He baked and killed my starter. That also put me in a bad mood. 

Friday February 3

Bring it on Friday we made it to the last day of the week. I put my foot down on watching Paw Patrol or anything on the tv and turned on Disney piano music on our Alexa for some calming background noise and the morning ran so smooth. 

We get home from preschool and Anna opens up all the cupboards and drawers. She tried to open the dishwasher but couldn't get it open. Then she giggled and ran away. I really have no idea. 

I had heard that McDonalds had Disney toys again. We stopped after preschool for lunch and got a deck of playing cards. 

My parents also stopped by for a little bit because they were in the area. Anna forced them to play dominos with her. She plays by the rules and is really good with it. 

After my parents left I put on some comfy pants. Anna yelled at me and said it wasn't bedtime. We ended up playing kitchen for a while. 

Then cuddled but she didn't take a nap. 

When the kids got home from school we played a game with balloons. The heart balloons are from the Dollar Tree. You can not blow them up much bigger than this or they will pop in your face. Also if you don't blow them up enough they look more like a triangle than a heart. 

Saturday February 4

I went to bed Friday night and said I was sleeping in on Saturday. I wake up at 6am if not earlier everyday to get Ella off to school. The past week or so Anna has been sleeping in her own bed most nights and not waking up until 6:30 - 7am. What do you know she woke up at 6am wanting cereal. I got up got her breakfast and turned Paw Patrol on tv then went back upstairs and went back to bed until around 8:15. I didn't sleep that whole time I really just laid there and tossed and turned. 

Austin had his first basketball game of the season. My brother and sister in law came over to watch Anna so I could attend his game. In practice he made a bunch of shoots. In the game he had the ball only once but his team did win at a close 34-32.

Austin is a really good defense player. 

Anna asked for mac and cheese and chicken fries for lunch. She insisted on sitting at her little Minnie Mouse table in the walkway of the kitchen. 

After lunch Anna had a nap, Brian went to work, and Austin played on the Xbox. 

I got in a upper body workout and omg my arms were sore. 

I planned a pizza and a movie night. With homemade pizza. Both kids got to make their own individual pizza. Anna even helped cut up my mushrooms, I didn't realize when I took it that it was blurry and my fingers were in it. 

We kind of agreed to watch The Tigger Movie. Brian and the kids had never seen it and I hadn't seen it in years. We also made smores. 

Austin had two smores. 

Sunday February 5

The kids let us sleep in. I got up at 7am and find Anna and Austin playing nicely in Anna's room. 

Anna was reading books.

We headed downstairs and she asked for cereal and orange juice. Again she insisted at eating at her Minnie Mouse table in the middle of the kitchen. 

Brian spent the day working on rearranging the basement, and took over my workout area. I played with Anna, folded laundry and started purging and organizing the linen closet. 

Anyone else have way to many medicine cups. 

I had the cutest little helper. 

Anna likes to play right in the middle of the walk way. 

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